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Pest Control in Bury
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Pest Control in Bury against pesky rodents and insects

The first signs of mice or rat infestation include random scratching noises in the middle of the night and weird musky stench coming from the secluded areas of the property. If this sounds familiar, then you might be in need of pest control for your property in Bury. We offer a wide range of professional solutions against the common pests that invade homes and commercial spaces such as rodents and crawling insects. Simply set an appointment for an inspection and we'll send a local pest controller to handle the situation.

Inspection before heat treatment

It is crucial to determine exactly what's going on at the infested property. That is why the pest exterminator will conduct a thorough inspection in order to understand the scale of the infestation and how it caused exactly. For instance, if you are dealing with bed bugs, then it is highly possible that they were brought into your property through infested luggage or perhaps a piece of furniture.

Technician puts mice bait in a box.

We use a wide variety of anti-pest products and professional equipment in order to combat the most common rodent and insect pests. Usually, the technician will determine what would be the most effective method based on the survey. Keep in mind that different pest species require different treatments.

A technician observing the results from the mice treatment.

You can take advantage of our guaranteed pest treatment service packages. We highly recommend this in case your property is susceptible due to its location or the nature of your business. If you purchase a service with a one-month guarantee, then you get one free secondary visit from your local pest controller within one month of the initial treatment. Or you can purchase a three-month guarantee package to get 2 additional visits by a pest controller within 3 months of the initial treatment.

Pest technician performs mice-proofing.

Our methods are highly effective but their effects will wear off after some months. That is why you need to keep tabs on the situation and resort to prophylactic pest treatments if necessary. Consult with your local pest controller as he will gladly answer you any questions you may have.

Local Pro

A helpful pest exterminator near you

If you book a service from Fantastic Pest Control for your property in Bury, then the technician to show up on your doorstep might very well be Eddie Brown. He operates in the area and has tackled countless cases of rodent and bug infestation here. Using advanced anti-pest methods and effective products, he is able to identify and solve pest infestations of all kinds.

Also, he is fully insured and 100% dedicated to his work. And this applies to all pest control specialist who operates under our brand.

Eddie is also responsible for the pest control services provided by Fantastic Pest Control in the following areas: TamesidePreston and Rochdale.

Our Top Selling Services and How Each of Them Is Done

  • Vermin Control

    The exterminator will outsmart his long-tailed opponents by laying traps with a fast-acting pesticide. To discourage other mice and rats from entering your property, he will also seal all entry points in walls, pipes and other damaged areas wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam. He can also dispose of the rodent carcasses for free, but only if you booked a guaranteed session.

  • Bird Scaring

    The secret to keeping pesky pigeons away is to make their landing zone as inhospitable as possible. The anti-pest professional will achieve this by deploying spikes and nets. For the more annoying flocks, he will also use fire gels which will quickly encourage the former to relocate their nests.

  • Insect Termination

    It doesn’t matter how big or small the insect is – it’s the method that you use to fight it. Since there is no single method to rule them all, the specialist will carry a wide variety of spray-based insecticides, powders, and other products to take out the particular bug that has been bothering you. Examples: woodworms are treated with a spray and a paste injection; wasp removal is done with a paralysing powder; bed bugs control is performed with two insecticide sprays.

  • Business Pest Tactics

    - Pest Sanitation: a thorough cleaning service after the pest treatment that removes pathogens and any signs of pests.

    - General Fumigation: a spray treatment that will ward off pests and keep your business safe.

We Have a Lot More to Offer Than the Local Council

Bury Council

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We charge according to other factors

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With us, you will get your property pest-proofed

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We can offer pest sanitation, upon request

Expert Pest Control in Bury and the Surroundings

There’s never been a shortage of pests, but now the same can be finally said about pest treatments. The pest technician knows that time is not on the owner’s side once the pests break in, and offers emergency services upon request (done 2-3 hours after the booking). The Fantastic Pest Control franchisee can promptly arrive to perform wasp removal or any other treatment in Bury and in:>

- Oldham;
- Rochdale;
- Bolton.

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