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Pest Control in Bury

  • Heat treatment for bed bugs & insects
  • Done by fully equipped & experienced technicians
  • Using highly effective and safe anti-pest products
  • Services available all week long, even on holidays
  • Treatment and protection from wide variety of pests

Your local Bury pest technician will put a S.T.O.P. to the pests today!

In order to eliminate a pest, you need to know how it got into the property so you can block its entrance. You also need to know how bad the infestation is, so you can plan your approach. This is why every pest treatment starts with a detailed survey.
Based on his findings, the pest expert will suggest the most suitable pest treatment in your circumstances and will proceed with its application. This may involve the use of repellents or pesticides.
When you purchase the guaranteed option, you get two extra visits free of charge within 3 months of the initial treatment. If applicable, your property will be re-treated for any unresolved pest issues.
If you want to protect your property in the future, consider talking to your local pest control technician. Using their professional experience, they will be able to answer all of your questions and provide some useful tips.

Pest Control in Bury Against Pesky Rodents and Insects

The first signs of mice or rat infestation include random scratching noises in the middle of the night and weird musky stench coming from the secluded areas of the property. If this sounds familiar, then you might be in need of pest control for your property in Bury.

We offer a wide range of professional solutions against the common pests that invade homes and commercial spaces such as rodents and crawling insects. Simply set an appointment for an inspection and we'll send a local exterminator to handle the situation.

We Have a Lot More to Offer Than the Local Council

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Bury Council Pest Control

We don't charge for emergency treatments

Additional charge for same-day services

With us, you will get your property pest-proofed

No information about pest proofing

We can offer pest disinfection, upon request

Disinfection service is not mentioned

We treat a variety of pests, including spiders and pigeons.
We can conduct heat treatment for bed bugs and other insects.

Do not treat spiders and pest birds such as pigeons.
The council doesn't offer heat treatment.

Local Pro

A helpful pest exterminator near you

If you book a service from Fantastic Pest Control in Bury, then the technician to show up on your doorstep might very well be Eddie Brown. He operates in the area and has tackled countless cases of rodent and bug infestation here. Using advanced anti-pest methods and effective products, he is able to identify and solve pest infestations of all kinds.

Also, he is fully insured and 100% dedicated to his work. And this applies to all pest control specialist who operate under our brand.

Eddie is also responsible for the pest control services provided by Fantastic Pest Control in the following areas: TamesidePreston and Rochdale.

Our Top Selling Pest Treatments in Bury

  • Rat and Mouse Control

    The local exterminator will outsmart his long-tailed opponents by laying traps with a fast-acting pesticide. This will ensure quick rat and mouse control in your home. To discourage other rodents from entering your property, he will also seal all entry points in walls, pipes and other damaged areas wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam. He can also dispose of the rodent carcasses for free, but only if you booked a guaranteed session. Alternatively, you can request an additional dead animal removal service for a small fee.

  • Wasp Nest Treatment

    Wasps can quickly become an emergency if you or anyone from your family is allergic to their venom. And if not, wasps can give you allergic reactions with just a single sting. We will send out a wasp exterminator in Bury as quickly as possible to spray the nest with a powerful powder that will immediately eradicate the nasty wasps.

  • Bed Bug Control

    It doesn't matter how big or small the insect is – it's the method that you use to fight it. And bed bugs are not only small but also resistant. So, to conduct a successful bed bug treatment in Bury, the pest officer will come around, inspect and spray your property thoroughly. Book our guaranteed pest services, and he will return to spray up to two additional times. These further visits ensure that the entire bed bug colony is completely eradicated and there are no live eggs that will reinfest your home again.

  • Heat Treatment for Insects

    All business venues and domestic properties can take advantage of our advanced heat treatment procedure against bed bugs and common insects. It is designed to kill off entire insect populations in just a single cycle of treatment. The exterminator will achieve this result by carefully heating the infested room to 56°C which is lethal to critters but safe for your belongings. At the end of the treatment, the pro will spray all infected areas with a residual product which will protect your property for the next months.

Interesting Facts and Stats

#1 Rats: some rats can swim as professionals and can endure up to 3 minutes underwater. So, don't be surprised if you find one in your toilet bowl. For the past few months, we've managed to successfully treat above 1 240 properties in Bury.

#2 Wasps: you should be aware that wasps can sting you more than once which makes them more dangerous than bees. Also, wasps are omnivorous and if nesting around they will hover around your garden searching for food. In Bury, we've treated more than 200 wasp nests.

#3 Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are among the most resistant pests to different conditions. They can live without blood for up to several months. Also, bed bugs cannot be eradicated with homemade solutions as they can survive to very severe conditions. For example, they can withstand very low temperatures close to -80°C degrees. The Fantastic Pest exterminators eradicated bed bugs from more than 1 000 properties in Bury for the past 12 months.

#4 Birds: Birds like pigeons can be cute to some of you but if they find your attic suitable nesting spot, you will change your mind. We've received more than 1 300 call outs for bird proofing only for the last couple of months.

Expert Pest Control in Bury and the Surroundings

There's never been a shortage of pests, but now the same can be finally said about pest treatments. The local pest technician knows that time is not on the owner's side once the pests break in, and offers emergency services upon request (done 2-3 hours after the booking). The Fantastic Pest Control franchisee can promptly arrive to perform wasp nest treatment, mouse control, bed bugs treatment or any other pest control service in Bury and in other nearby areas. 

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