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Professional ant control by RSPH-certified technicians

Although ants are not typical pests, as they are considered beneficial insects to our ecosystem, the little hard workers can infest our homes and cause problems, especially in the kitchen. At first, you may notice just a few of them scouting around and checking for available food sources for ants. But sooner or later, you can expect the entire ant colony to join them.

The ants that you'll see in your home are not health-hazardous, but some ant species bite if disturbed. That being said, these tiny insects can cause some serious damage to your property. For example, if a family of carpenter ants decides to move in with you, you can expect some serious structural damage to your home that can cost you a significant amount of time and money to fix. Ants can also cause issues with the wiring - believe it or not, the crawling insects can actually chew through the plastic covering of a cable and create a potential fire hazard. And we are not quite done yet - if an ant colony settles behind the walls of your home, the moisture from their new nest can affect your household appliances. So, next time your oven starts acting weird, maybe you have an ant problem on your hands.

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A guaranteed ant eradication service in London



We will send you a fully equipped ant exterminator to inspect your property look for ants' entry points, and assess the infestation's severity.



An ant removal technician will perform the treatment following the inspection, ensuring that all ants have been eradicated. To prevent re-infestation, small entry points will also be sealed.



Additionally, the ant removal specialist can return to your property to check if there is ant activity in a few weeks. A follow-up ant treatment will be performed if necessary.



The ant pest control technician will also write a report outlining what was done during the ant removal treatment and will give you some tips to avoid future ant infestations.

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What to do before and after the ant removal service

How to prepare for ant pest control

  • Make sure to remove all of the food from your kitchen cupboards;
  • Thoroughly vacuum your carpeted areas before the ant exterminator arrives;

What to do after ant extermination service:

  • Leave the treated areas alone for at least a couple of hours;
  • Once enough time has passed from the ant removal session, open your windows for about 10 minutes;
  • Avoid hoovering or cleaning your property for at least 4 days after the ant eradication service;
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How much does ant treatment cost in London

Property 1-month treatmentInitial treatment + 1 follow-up visit 3-month treatmentInitial treatment + 2 follow-up visits Premium treatmentThe 3 follow-up visits should be requested within 4 months from the initial treatment
1 bedroom Starting at£210 Starting at£290 Starting at£374
2 bedrooms Starting at£220 Starting at£300 Starting at£387
3 bedroom Starting at£245 Starting at£325 Starting at£419
4 bedrooms Starting at£275 Starting at£355 Starting at£458
Fantastic Club* £30 OFF £30 OFF £30 OFF
*Discount for members of the Fantastic Club.
The Fantastic Club is a yearly subscription of £89.
- Prices are applicable for residential properties only. - No further charges go on top of the rates except parking and congestion, if applicable. - £50 additional charge on all night jobs (night job is considered between 8pm and 5am appointment time) T&C and Minimum call out charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Note the prices may vary for areas outside the m25, call in for more details on your location.

Ant Control FAQ

Why are there so many ants in my house all of a sudden?
Ants usually come indoors in search of food or a place to nest. Even the smallest amount, such as pet food crumbs, can attract ants. As soon as they discover food sources, ants form long trails. As they travel, ants leave behind a pheromone trail that is a scent signature for other ants. So, they will keep coming until the trail is broken.
How long does it take to get rid of an ant infestation?
In the case of an ant infestation, pest exterminators may have to visit more than once to eradicate the colony. An improvement is likely to occur quickly, but complete elimination may take several weeks. We set up a preventative maintenance schedule so that you can rest assured that your home is ant-free.
How much does it cost to get rid of ants?
Pest control for ants in residential properties usually costs around £180. Ant exterminators will strategically place gel baits near nests and entry points. The treatment is highly effective and will eliminate the infestation for good. Depending on the number of treatments you require, this cost estimate will vary.
How to get rid of ants?
As soon as you spot any ants, make a 50% vinegar and 50% water solution, and pour it all over the area. Vinegar leaves a lingering smell that acts as a natural ant repellant, killing current and future ants. Getting rid of ants requires removing any potential food sources and blocking possible entry points.
How do I find the ants nest?
The best way to locate ants' nests is to look for areas with water damage. Plumbing or roof leaks usually attract ants to damp areas such as framing or soft and spongy flooring. Attics, bathrooms and exterior walls are all common places for ant nests.
Can ants damage my home?
Carpenter ants are just one type of ant that enjoys feasting on damp and rotten wood. By creating their nests, they can cause structural damage to your property. They are making tunnels through wood materials like termites.

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