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Pest Control in Bedford

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End the Pests’ Reign with Certified Help from a Nearby Expert

Constant access to fresh water, food, and a secure shelter is rare in the wild, which is why the pests won’t be inclined to leave your property anytime soon. Not without the intervention of an experienced pest control technician, at least. Just get in touch with Fantastic Pest Control for a thorough survey at a time of your preference and stand aside.

Upon arrival, the professional will identify the animal and devise suitable countermeasures to purge your premises from the invaders and give you back your goodnight’s sleep. All products used are RSPH-certified, meaning that they are safe even when used around humans and pets. The specialist is also fully vetted and insured for your peace of mind.

Fantastic Pest Control Bedford will S.T.O.P. the pest problems today!

On the initial visit, the pest control team will carefully look into the problem you have. Establishing the pest you are dealing with and any potential reasons, why your property is infested.
Depending on the severity of the infestation and the type of pest, the technicians will execute the treatment using professional chemicals, baits and methods. The goal here is to eradicate as many of the pests as possible.
You have the option to book a treatment with follow up visits. This is not mandatory but is highly advised if the infestation is serious. On those visits, the pest controllers will track the progress of the treatment and take corresponding actions if needed.
At the end of the treatment, the professionals will advise you on how to limit the chances of a secondary infestation. Sometimes even a small change of habit can make a difference.

Take a Look at Our Home & Commercial Pest Solutions

  • Rodent Solutions

    Both rats and mice will be repelled from your premises using child- and pet-safe products. The pest exterminator will commence the service by checking your property for suspicious openings in your roof, walls, or other locations and sealing them with expanding foam, wire wool, and other products. He will then deploy traps with bait to lure and exterminate their population.


  • Insect Solutions

    Since insects differ wildly from one another, different tactics must be deployed to ensure their full eradication. The professional will carry a variety of tried and tested insecticides that are developed against the insects found within your premises. For example, he can treat against ants, spiders, roaches, and moths, as well as perform wasp treatments and bed bug control.

  • Squirrel Solutions

    Squirrels can mean trouble in any property, as they tend to gnaw on surfaces. This is why the exterminator will deploy a number of traps with bait inside in order to trap the creatures and remove them from your property. We will dispose of the rodents according to all safety regulations.

  • Commercial Solutions

    The Bedford pest technician is just as capable of protecting local businesses as he is at safeguarding individual households from pests. For example, he can keep your office or warehouse avian-proof by installing spikes, nets, and fire gels which will keep the birds at a respectful distance. In addition, he can also fumigate your property to protect it against potential infestations or heat treat any infested rooms with a diesel-fueled machine to kill insects in all stages of development.

Bedford Pest Control – Now Expanded to Cover More Ground

With the almost notorious levels of pest activity in the UK, offering pest services in just a single area is no longer enough. That’s why you can count on a certified pest controller to come to your aid even on the very same day of your booking in any areas not just in Bedford, but also in:

Postcode coverage: MK40, MK41, MK42, MK43, MK44, MK45, MK46, NN10, NN29, NN8, NN9, PE18, PE19, PE28

Other locations we cover nearby Bedford

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