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Inspecting the property thoroughly, locating nesting sites, and assessing the extent of the infestation is the first step in controlling wasp infestations.


A fully equipped exterminator will arrive to handle the nest and control the wasps. Spraying a powder into a wasp nest neutralises the wasps quickly.


Wasp control usually requires only one visit. Whenever you have concerns about wasps returning to your home, ask the wasp exterminator for prevention advice.


To prevent future wasp infestations, the exterminator will provide you with some useful tips. Using sealant and removing attractants will reduce wasp problems.

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How do pest control get rid of wasps?

professional wasp control service
Wasps nest in different ways and behave differently depending on their species. Identifying the specific wasp species is crucial for determining the most effective control method. As part of the treatment plan, the pest control technician will locate and remove wasp nests.
Professional wasp exterminators use insecticides that work against wasps.

Depending on the situation and the location of the wasp nest, these insecticides may be applied as sprays or dusts. Wasp nests or areas with high wasp activity can be treated with insecticides directly. A worker wasp carries insecticide back to the nest, effectively targeting the entire colony with it. Wasp infestations must be addressed promptly, especially if they are located near or in areas frequented by people. Professional wasp control minimises the risk of stings and property damage.

Preparation for wasp treatment

Preparation for wasp treatment

The following are steps you need to take before the wasp exterminator arrives:

Before the wasp removal service:

  • Don't get too close to the nest and wait for the professional to arrive and investigate. The wasp exterminator will be able to determine if you've got a wasp nest or a bee colony on your property;

After the removal of the wasp nest:

  • Avoid touching the freshly treated nest;
  • Keep children away from the wasp nest;
  • Don't remove the nest for at least a couple of days;

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Wasp Control FAQ

Q: How do you keep wasps away?

A: Vinegar is an excellent way to get rid of wasps. Make wasp repellent by mixing two cups of apple cider vinegar, two cups of sugar, and a cup of water. You can also spray soapy water to deter wasps and hornets.

Q: How do pest control get rid of wasps?

A: Professional pest controllers usually treat this pest problem by using a fogging machine, which sprays a liquid insecticide. The liquid is dispersed as a very fine mist and will cover the entire area.

Q: What is the best treatment for wasps?

A: In most cases, the pest controller applies an insecticide near the nest entrance. The wasps will bring the chemical inside, which will kill them after a couple of days.

Q: How do you find a wasps nest?

A: Wasp nests are often found in wall cavities, roof spaces, underneath eaves, bird boxes, sheds and garages. Keep an eye on the path taken by worker wasps as they return to your property to locate a wasp nest.

Q: Why are there so many wasps around my house?

A: Wasps are scouting your home to locate a safe shelter. Insulated walls, crevices, cracks and cavities provide a perfect environment in which they can build nests.

Q: How much does it cost for pest control to remove a wasp nest?

A: You can pay around £85 for removing a wasp nest. Don't attempt to do it on your own. Only a professional wasp control company should handle this situation, as wasps can be extremely aggressive.

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