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Pest Control in Blackpool

  • Emergency bookings in your local area
  • Pet safe application of anti-pest products
  • Insured and COSHH-certified exterminators
  • Single treatments & multi-visitation services

Your local Blackpool pest expert will put a S.T.O.P. to the pests today!

The Blackpool pest control technician performs a thorough survey of the affected areas. The inspection helps to determine the severity of the infestation in order to decide on an effective pest treatment. Note that the exterminator may advise you on vacating the premises for a short while.
The pest controller’s van is loaded with top-tier equipment and solutions, all of which serve a particular purpose. For example, rodent control methods (sealants, traps, poisonous bait) differ significantly from insect treatments, where spray-based products are predominantly used.
To ensure the infestation has been completely eliminated you will need to follow the instructions of the pro. For best results, we recommend our 3-months guaranteed service, which comes with two extra visits, free of charge.
Don't hesitate to request pest proofing advice from your local pest exterminator while on site. He will readily inform you of the most effective pest proofing methods and on all the details you need to observe, so your home or business remains protected against the pests.

We Have a Plan Against Any Common Vermin

  • Anti-rats and mice treatment

     Mice control and rat control actions should be employed on a regular basis if you want to ensure that your property doesn’t fall at risk of getting infested with the health-hazardous vermin. No home or business is fully protected against the rodents, so request an inspection with us for your peace of mind.

  • Insect control

    We specialise in bed bugs control, anti-spider treatment, cockroach control, wasp removal and many more insecticidal solutions in your area. In addition, for a severe insect infestation, you are advised to schedule our effective fogging service with guaranteed results.

  • Bird deterrents

    Seagulls can be simply a menace in Blackpool. So, don’t put up with their arrogant behaviour but get a local specialist to help. He will employ proven repellent techniques, from setting up nets, applying a specialised bird-deterrent gel or installing spikes to keep the never-giving up flying creatures at bay.

  • Non-residential pest control

    Our pest treatment services for commercial clients and public facilities are suitable for a range of industry sectors (food services, healthcare, retail, leisure centres, etc.). They can be booked outside business hours, so your business operations are not disrupted in any way.

Fast Pest Control Response in Blackpool

Rest assured that your property in Blackpool is comprehensively covered against most types of insect and rodent infestations with us! We act fast and responsibly to address your pest issue even when you need help at short notice. We’ll be also happy to assist you if you are in:

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