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Book dead animal removal services with Fantastic Pest Control

Disposal of dead animals including pets.

  • Flexible schedule and same-day visits
  • Discreet service
  • Certified and trained pest technicians
  • Pet cremation solutions

Safe dead animal removal

Pest control technician who provides dead animal removal service
Mother nature knows her job and at some point, you might find one of her doings around your property - an animal that has passed away. Needless to say - the carcass needs to be removed as soon as you have spotted it. When an animal dies, if not found soon enough, its decomposing body becomes a health hazard. It rapidly starts filling your property with foul odours and can cause an unsuspected flea infestation, as well. So, if you spot a dead animal near your house or inside, don’t waste time and get professional help.

On that note, we also offer the removal of your deceased pet friend in the most emphatic and considerate manner if you can’t bring yourself to deal with the loss and its cremation at the same time.

How it works


A pest control expert will arrive onsite to survey the property to find out the cause of rotting flesh smell. On most occasions, people call us for dead rodents in hard to reach places. The exterminator uses special endoscope cameras to detect the carcass.


Once the body has been discovered, the technician will proceed with its removal. The pros we sent for this type of service are equipped with gloves and masks so they do not come in contact with the carcass. They pick up the carcass in a bag and seal it tightly.


This service ends with cremating the dead animal. That is the safest and most hygienic way to destroy a corps without spreading any diseases. Furthermore, you can call us also for deceased pets. We sent a technician to pick the animal up and cremate it.


If you find dead rodents, snakes, or birds on your property, feel free to get in touch with us again. We can come to remove any unwanted pests, or perform a pest treatment and then get rid of the carcasses. 

Why choose our dead animal disposal service

We handle your deceased pet with dignity

You can request a disinfection service

The teams have a flexible schedule

Our prices are competitive and reasonable

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Safety tips to follow before and after the dead animal disposal service

Safety tips to follow before and after the dead animal disposal service

Prior to your dead animal removal session:

  • Never touch the dead animal with your bare hands.
  • Don’t try to move the creature to avoid spreading of potential parasites lurking in its fur.
  • Try to isolate the area, especially if you have pets. You need to eliminate all health-hazardous risks.

After the service:

  • Consider ordering our disinfection service to sanitise the area and remove all possible harmful bacteria from your property.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do you dispose of the dead animals?

A: Once the pest technician spots the unfortunate animal, he will use sturdy gloves to place it inside a tightly sealed plastic sack. The expert will then deliver the animal to the nearest incinerator to prevent any diseases from spreading.

Q: What dead animal carcasses do you remove?

A: The professional can remove all sorts of deceased animals from your property, including rats, squirrels, foxes, cats, dogs, bats, pigeons, seagulls, adders and more.

Q: How does your dead animal removal service work?

A: Your property will be examined by a skilled pest controller, who will then take the deceased animal’s carcass and dispose of it in line with all health and safety regulations.

Q: How do I remove the dead animal smell in my house?

A: Once the carcass is removed, you can mask the repugnant odours by applying an enzymatic wash and a deodorant in the affected area.

Q: Do you offer pet cremation services for large animals?

A: Unfortunately, we do not provide pet cremation services for large animals, such as ponies, horses, etc.

Q: Are your services discreet?

A: We can send a pest technician with an unbranded van for your peace of mind. We guarantee that your neighbours won’t ever find out about your pest infestation.

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