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Pest Control in Broxbourne
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Fast Pest Extermination & Vermin Repellent Solutions - Why us?

Getting spooked by the sight of mice, roaches or any other creepy vermin at your home in Broxbourne is understandable but this shouldn’t be a cause for panic. Why? Because it can happen to anyone, regardless of how clean they keep their property, and most importantly because professional help is at hand.

With Fantastic Pest Control, you will get efficiency, discretion, expertise and rapid response. We are prepared to come and inspect your home or business facility any day of the week that fits in with your busy schedule. The pros will handle the pest infestation with guaranteed results and will also teach you how to proof your property against recurrences.

The Types of Vermin We Treat

  • Rodent control & proofing

    - Mice and rats - the local professional will utilise rodent baiting stations in combination with potent pesticides to eradicate the vermin. Additionally, he will ensure that all entries are carefully sealed, to prevent further problems with mice and rats.
    - Squirrels - our control procedure for squirrels doesn't include the use of poisons. Instead, we employ trapping solutions. Once we capture the intruder, we will relocate it back in Nature in a safe way.

  • Bed bug treatments

    When dealing with this pest, it's important to locate and treat all infestation hotbeds. This is the essence of our bed bug control procedures and we treat all affected areas with professional insecticides that have shown remarkable results in laboratory conditions.

  • Services for businesses

    All pest treatments and additional services can be tailored to fit the needs of a business. No matter if you run a hotel, restaurant, warehouse, supermarket or another type of business facility, Fantastic Pest Control will be able to assist. We can help you deal with a current problem or develop a preventative plan as part of an Integrated Pest Management programme.

  • Additional services

    - Dead animal removal - the smell of a deceased animal can last for weeks. For this service, we will dispatch a technician to locate and possibly remove the carcass of the dead animal. The remainings will be sealed in a plastic bag and disposed of safely.
    - Property fumigation - this professional service aims to get rid of pesky insects in your home or business establishment. The exterminator will thoroughly spray the infested areas with a powerful insecticide to ensure that all intruders are gone.

Fast & Fantastic - Pest Control Broxbourne

Yes, we will arrive fast to assess your vermin problem and get you a Fantastic result in one to three professional anti-pest treatments. Just specify how urgently you need us at your property in Broxbourne and we’ll take it from there. Also, don’t despair if you’ve got a vermin problem in the areas below, as we are almost everywhere in the UK.

- Welwyn Hatfield;
- East Hertfordshire;
- Epping Forest.

Had the job done

Living in Broxbourne has its advantages and disadvantages. My street specifically often has issues with rats. I hate it and I am sick and tired of searching for reliable companies to get rid of them and of trying to deal with them on my own. Your company was recommended by a friend and yesterday I had the job done. The technicians who came to do the actual job were cool, they didn't take too long. I booked a second visit to make sure the rats are dealt with, and I will write again to say how it went.

Jennifer Davis

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