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Pest proofing services London

Exterminators can help you protect your home against rodents and birds

  • Rodent and bird proofing and prevention solutions
  • 1-year PEST FREE guarantee on pest-proofing service
  • Installation of pigeon or bird netting to prevent nesting
  • Bird nesting and roosting prevention across London's buildings
  • Bird proofing specialist clean pigeon guano and removing nests

London pest proofing services near you

Pest inspection

A pest proofing service is the only way to prevent more rodents or birds from entering your premises after a treatment

Pest proofing

Using rodent-proof mesh will stop mice, rats, and squirrels and birds' spikes or nets will deter pigeons. Pest-proofing prevents rodent damage to pipes & cables

Pest monitoring

The exterminator will first make a complete observation. Once the pest-proofing is done, you will receive a 1-year guarantee

Pest prevention

A detailed report will explain how the property was rodent or bird-proofed. We offer a one-year guarantee on pest-proofing!

Pest proofing services London reviews:

Rodent and bird proofing services London

Pest proofing prevents pests from entering, breeding and nesting in your property by taking care of exposed areas of the house. Before pest proofing takes place, it is crucial that the pest infestation is dealt with. This will also ensure you keep the pests away for good. 

Our pest-proofing services mainly focus on dealing with mice, rats and birds. These pests can cause damage to your home but also affect your family's health. Book a pest inspection, and we will send a pest-proofing specialist to look at every corner of your property.

Mouse proofing London

Mice-proofing focuses on preventing mice from entering the property's living area through the internal walls, floors, fixtures, and fittings. This might include dismantling and removing cabinets to close all access points for pests in kitchens. For bathrooms, we might need to remove bath panels, boxed pipes to be opened and closed properly, pest guard to be installed in the waste pipes, so no mice can go through the toilet bowl or chew through the soft connection pipe, and many other situations. Book mice control for a mice-free property.

Rat proofing London

Rat proofing is essential to stopping rats from re-entering your premises and preventing further infestations. To solve any infestation issue, we first need to find all the openings that rats use to enter your home. We seal all of the gaps and cracks with cement, place fine metal mesh, and bigger openings we block by placing wood boards or plasterboards. We guarantee your house will be 100% rat proofed. Contact us and book a rat control service to free your home from rat infestation.

Bird proofing London

The main goal of bird proofing is to keep birds away from the property humanely and effectively. Birds can make a real mess of any roof, facade or window, and the pigeon's feeders can block the guttering system. Not to mention pigeon guano contain dangerous pathogens. We can perform a drone survey for bird proofing and install spikes, netting, or wires to restrict and force them to change their preferred nesting location. You can learn more about our bird-proofing methods on our bird control page.

How to prepare for pest proofing service London

How to prepare for pest proofing service London

A detailed inspection of your property is the first step in our pest-proofing service. With this inspection, we will identify potential entry points and pest infestation areas. Pest control experts will assess both the interior and exterior of your home to develop a pest-proofing plan.

  • Local pest exterminator will need access to all parts of your property internally;
  • Remove any excess clutter or household items from the edges of your rooms, so we can carry out pest inspection;
  • We will need to move all items of furniture to check behind them. Ensure all large freestanding wardrobes are empty;
  • The pest exterminator will check behind all appliances;
  • Remove food from cupboards in the kitchen as the pest technician needs to have a clear view of the kitchen units;

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Pest proofing FAQ

Q: What is pest proofing?

A: Pest proofing is a proactive approach to keeping pest infestations from occurring in the future. By sealing all entry points that pests could use to get into your premises, you can help to keep your property free of unwanted guests.

Q: Can pest control fill holes?

A: Yes! The pest proofer will seal up all entryways to your property. Pest proofing is all about creating a barrier to keep animals out. Materials like cement, caulk, and metal mesh are used to fill in holes and gaps. For larger openings, we'll use wood boards or plasterboard.

Q: Is mouse proofing worth it?

A: Mouse proofing is the most effective long-term solution against mice, saving you a lot of trouble and money.

Q: How do I get rid of pigeons on my roof?

A: We can help get rid of pigeons from your roof. For bird proofing, we install nets, spikes, meshes, and wires to restrict them from the preferred location.

Q: Is it possible to mouse proof a house?

A: Homeowners should take action to prevent rodents from entering their homes. Some exclusion materials that can be used are metal mesh, cement and other rodent-resistant materials. All potential entry holes should be sealed. You can always call the professionals if it’s not something you can do yourself.

Q: Can rats ruin your house?

A: Rats, mice, and other small rodents can wreak havoc on your home or office. They can damage walls and floors by gnawing on them, build nests that clog up your plumbing, and spread disease with their droppings. So it's best to take action before an infestation occurs and pest-proof your home for long-term results.

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