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Experts in pest control in Manchester

The pest exterminator will conduct a thorough inspection to confirm the type of pest and the severity of the infestation. Different pests require different treatment methods.
Trust our Manchester pest control experts to keep your property pest-free. From rodent trapping to bed bug heat treatment, we can completely eradicate pest infestations.
Once the initial treatment is completed, the pest technician will inspect the premises once again. Following up on pest control services is included up to 3 times within 3 months.
Tips on how to prevent future infestations are included in the pest control service. With every pest control treatment in Manchester, we provide a detailed report for free.

Manchester pest control by certified exterminators

  • Manchester cockroach control

    Our cockroach treatment begins with a property inspection. Depending on the severity of the infestation, the pest controller will place special bait gels around your house. The cockroaches eat the poison and die. You can book a 3-month guarantee service, and the pest technician can arrive a couple more times and place more gel until all cockroaches are dead.  About a week later, the cockroach exterminator will return to complete the treatment with a secondary procedure. A different insecticide with a 3-month residual effect will be applied to protect your property.

  • Mice and rats control Manchester

    How do I get rid of mice in Manchester? The treatment for mice and rat control usually requires multiple visits by the rodent exterminator. The entry points that the rodents use will be sealed with expanding foam, wire wool, and sealants which rodents hate and will not chew through. Pesticides, bait boxes and traps can be applied around your property to capture the mice or rats that are still present and eradicate them. If you've booked our guaranteed procedures, the local exterminator will dispose of any rat and mouse carcasses upon his next visit.

  • Fleas treatment Manchester

    For flea treatment in Manchester, you can call us ASAP. It is crucial to control the situation quickly because fleas are extremely difficult to eradicate completely. We send a pest expert to inspect and determine the level of infestation and the best treatment method that is needed. To treat your home, the flea exterminator uses special powerful insecticide that has a residual effect and should keep your home flea-free for a long time. Upon request, you can schedule a follow-up visit and treatment if it's necessary.

  • Ant control Manchester

    Upon the first visit, the pest technician thoroughly inspects your property. After determining where the ants are coming from, the exterminator applies a special powder that kills the ants. After a week or two, you may request a free follow-up visit by a professional. Especially if you're still seeing ants around the property. After the ant treatment is completed, you will receive helpful tips on how to prevent ant invasions on your property in the future.

Fantastic Pest Control vs Manchester Council Pest Control

We offer pest control solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and tailored to your individual needs.

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Manchester City Council Pest Control

We treat all kinds of pests

Not all pests are being treated

24/7 emergency pest control visits

No customer support after office hours

Our Manchester exterminators arrive fully equipped to handle any pest infestation

If you have misidentified the pest, you'll need to reschedule in order for the correct service to take place.

We conduct heat treatment of bed bugs, moths, fleas and more.

Doesn't offer heat treatment in Manchester area

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Prompt Verified
Ofqual Regulated
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