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Pest Control in Warrington

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The first thing the Warrington exterminator needs to do is to carefully inspect the premises. This way, he will be able to confirm for sure the exact type of vermin and the extent of the pest problem. Oftentimes, clients erroneously believe that they have been "invaded" by rats or mice, for instance, only to discover later that a cheeky family of squirrels has moved into their attic space. During our first visit, we evaluate the situation and choose the best course of action to start with.
Based on his findings during the thorough survey, the pest technician will proceed with a matching treatment, which will effectively remove, deter or exterminate the pests in your Warrington home. He is licensed and certified to use strong but safe insecticides, anti-rodent products and methods, as well as repellent techniques, applicable in bird control situations. Additionally, you can take advantage of the heat treatment for bed bugs and other insect species. It is designed to eradicate entire insect populations in just one go.
 We offer emergency treatments and multiple visits but we always recommend that you get one of our insured options. By purchasing a full service, you get a 3-month guarantee. It includes up to two additional free visits during this period of time. With these visits, the pest pro will ensure that the pest colony is fully eliminated and reinfestation is unlikely to happen.
A pesticidal treatment calls for comprehensive post-service safety information, which will be provided to you by the local exterminator. This is particularly important for bed bug control because of the insect's life cycle. During the follow-up visits, we can also apply a protecting insecticide that is designed to keep all crawlies at bay.

Warrington Exterminators to the Rescue

Unfortunately, the UK is no stranger to various pests and their invasions to our homes and businesses. People living in Warrington are no exception. The city has its common pests - cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, fleas, flies, and more. As a professional pest control company, we strive to widen the circle in which we operate. We are available for all kinds of pest control services in Warrington as well. Whether your home is invaded by rodents or insects, you can turn to local exterminators for help. Fantastic Pest Control will send a team of equipped, vetted, trained, and experienced technicians who will inspect, treat and protect your property.

Take a Peek at Our Most Popular Pest Control Services

  • Fly control

    Fly control can be done in two ways - applying insecticides or fogging. The products we work with provide instant knock-down effect and have long-lasting results. We understand how annoying and gross flies are. We can help you get your house or commercial premise rid of the pesky flying bugs. By booking an inspection, you'll have your property surveyed and then you'll be advised on which method is more suitable for your case - standard fly treatment or fogging.

  • Cockroach control

    Our cockroach control service is available with a one or three months guarantee. Regardless of whether you home or business is infested with cockroaches, you can rely on Slough pest experts to take care of the problem. Specialised bait gel is used which attract and poison the roaches once they eat it. You can call us for an inspection anytime.

  • Flea treatment

    Our flea treatment service tackles infestations no matter the size. For the best success rate, we recommend that you book one of our guaranteed service options which come with additional visits by the exterminator. This is required because of the flea's life cycle. On those visits, your exterminator will spray with potent insecticides that will finish off the rest of the insect colony that survived the first spray and provide your property with long-lasting protection against further problems.

  • Insect Heat Treatment

    There's a new approach to larger crawling inset infestations - heat treatment. This new method targets every living creature's weakness - it's thermal death point - which allows us to get rid of an insect colony in just a single treatment cycle. After inspecting the area, the pest professional will raise and maintain the room temperature to high degrees which insects will not manage to withstand. The service destroys a colony of insects in all of their life stages and with a guarantee.

Interesting Facts and Stats About the Pests in Warrington

#1. Did you know that a house fly's lifespan is only around 30 days? This doesn't seem a lot at all unless the fly is in your house during these 30 days. What is more, for this period, a single fly can lay up to 500 eggs in your property. That's why infestations grow rapidly and must be taken care of on time before they reach such numbers.

#2. Cockroaches are believed to have been around for 280 million years. So the pests in your home are older than the dinosaurs. Although this fact is interesting, the reality of how gross these insects are gets real when you see a couple of them crawling on your floor. Immediate action is necessary at the first signs of live cockroaches on your premise because they reproduce very fast and before you know it there will be hundreds of them.

#3. Fleas can survive in their cacoons for a year without feeding. While adults can only survive up to two weeks without food. This means that when treating flea infestation it must be done by a professional so you have peace of mind that the fleas in all of their life stages have been eliminated.

#4. Carpet beetles do not bite people but can still make you sick. If the beetles come in contact with food, cross-contamination occurs and when you eat the food you may get sick. We can treat any of the three types of carpet beetles. The Varied, the Black and the Furniture carpet beetles are all common in the UK. Regardless of the specie tormenting your home, call your Warrington Fantastic pros and they will take care of the issue.

What Makes Fantastic Pest Control Better Than Your Local Council

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Warrington Local Council

We only need access to the property

There should be a person at the property during the service

The price for commercial treatments is calculated primarily based on the building’s size in square meters (㎡).

For commercial premises, first visit is a maximum of 1h. any further visits are charged at £60/30min

We can treat bed bugs with heat treatment

The council doesn't offer heat treatment

Speedy Pest Control Services in Warrington

If need be, all our customers in Warrington can enjoy a fast response time with their pest control service. The local exterminator can handle pressing vermin situations, which should be addressed without delay. This in turn, ensures that a pest specialist will be dispatched as quickly as possible in order to address your pest problem straight away. The same applies if you are located in or in close proximity to the following areas:

Postcode coverage: WA1, WA12, WA13, WA2, WA3, WA4, WA5, WA55, WA8, WA9

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