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Pest Control in Wigan

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Fantastic Pest Control will S.T.O.P. the pest problems today!

During this initial stage of assessing the level of the problem, the local pest controller in Wigan will identify the type of vermin, based on the visible signs of pest activity.
Based on his findings, the expert will suggest the most suitable pest treatment in your circumstances and will proceed with its application. This may involve the use of repellents or pesticides.
We offer different monitoring options with all of our pest control services in Wigan, which can be booked any time. For instance, if you purchase our 3-month guaranteed service, you can benefit, if needs be, from two extra free visits within the above mentioned period of time.
Don't hesitate to request prevention tips and proofing advice from your local pest exterminator while on site. He will readily inform you of the most effective pest prevention methods and all the details you need to observe, so your property remains protected against the pests.

Fantastic Pest Control in Wigan with a Local Exterminator Near You

If your home or commercial venue in Wigan suffers from a pest problem, get it checked out by a local exterminator. Our pest franchisee partners are greatly experienced in fighting successfully against various types of rodent and insect infestations such as mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches and more. They work in compliance with COSHH safety regulations and the company's best practices, which correspond to our Fantastic name.

Our pest control in Wigan is completed by inspecting your premises first. Upon request, the local pest technician will arrive in an unmarked van so that your family reputation or business image remains unharmed. Have a look at our 4-step pest management process below:

Our Pest Removal in Wigan at a Glance

  • Fly control

    Fly control is essential for businesses in the food industry. If you have such a business, regardless of how small or big, and you have a fly problem, you can contact us and hire local pest exterminators to deal with the infestation. Wigan fly control experts work seven days a week. We also offer several options for dealing with flies - fogging, heat treatment, or a standard fly treatment.

  • Heat treatment

    When all else fails in the fight against insects, Fantastic Pest Control in Wigan has one last weapon - heat treatment. This is a new way of ridding properties of already advanced insect infestations such as bed bugs, fleas, moths, flies, carpet beetles and more. The heat treatment is done by raising and maintaining a room's temperature to degrees that are unbearable for the insects but safe for your belongings.

  • Ant control

    The pest technician in Wigan will arrive well-equipped and prepared to your address. He will locate the ant colony and will neutralise the insects with a powerful insecticidal powder or spray based on their judgement. Our ant control service is available in 1-month or a 3-month guaranteed service.

  • Silverfish control

    We specialise in effective silverfish treatment methods, which render immediate results. The local pest exterminator in Wigan will arrive to inspect your home before proceeding with the treatment. Silverfish control usually requires several treatments with different insecticides. This is due to the life cycle of bed bugs. So if you've booked our guaranteed procedures, the exterminator will ensure that all insects are gone once and for all.

Interesting Facts and Stats About the Pests in Wigan

#1. Did you know that flies and butterflies can taste food with their feet? Both species have receptors in their lower legs. They crawl over the food they land on for some time to taste it before they consume it.

#2. A single female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day. This is one of the reasons why their population grows rapidly and before you know it your house is swarmed with fleas. Treating the entire property is a must when it comes to heavy infestations. And of course, treating your pet as well.

#3. Estimates suggest that there are over 10 quadrillion live ants at any given moment. This equals approximately 1 million ants for every human on Earth. So the chances that you get an infestation is quite big, especially if you live in a house with a garden. Warrington exterminators will always be happy to help you with ants in your house.

#4. Silverfish have also been around since pre-historic times. Did you know? Luckily for us, they are not as big as dinosaurs or the animals that crawled the Earth back then. You can kill one with a slipper, but if you notice an infestation you should get professional help. While you kill them one by one, the others will cause damage to many of your belongings. So do not waste time if you spot silverfish in your home.

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Fantastic Services always strives to show how much we care about the local communities in Wigan. Our goal is to provide practical and time-saving solutions that can spare the hassle of everyday chores. If you own a pest control business and have the desire to expand it, then you can join Fantastic Services!

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Flexible slots for emergency services. We can arrive within 2 hours.

Appointments only. No emergency service.

You can count on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays.

The Pest Control Officer can arrive at any time between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

We do heat treatment for bed bugs and a variety of other insects.

The council can't provide you with a heat treatment.

Express Pest Control in Wigan

Fantastic Pest Control in Wigan will ensure that your emergency vermin situation is addressed straight away by assigning a pest specialist near you. Working with local exterminators means that we're able to respond to your queries quickly and rid you of the pest problem fast. Just phone us or request a callback via the booking form on this website. We will also respond as fast as possible to your pest control needs if you are located in:

Postcode coverage: WN1, WN2, WN3, WN4, WN5, WN6, WN8

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