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Pest Control in Wigan
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Fantastic Pest Control in Wigan with a Local Exterminator Near You

If your home or commercial venue in Wigan suffers from a pest problem, get it checked out by a local exterminator. Our pest franchisee partners are greatly experienced in fighting successfully against various types of rodent and insect infestations. They work in compliance with COSHH safety regulations and the company's best practices, which correspond to our Fantastic name.

Our pest control in Wigan is completed by inspecting your premises first. Upon request, the local pest technician will arrive in an unmarked van so that your family reputation or business image remains unharmed. Have a look at our 4-step pest management process below:

Pest controllers inspects a property for mice.

During this initial stage of assessing the level of the problem, the local pest control specialist in Wigan will identify the type of vermin, based on the visible signs of pest activity. These could be excrements, marks and stains, as well as damages to your property or belongings, such as holes in skirting boards (woodworm, rats), chewed-on food (rats and mice), holes in clothes, linen, carpet (moths, beetles), etc. These tell-tale signs often give us an idea of how advanced the infestation is and help us resolve the problem more effectively.

Technician puts mice bait in a box.

We proceed with a pest control treatment right after we inspect the property.

Based on his findings, the expert will suggest the most suitable pest treatment in your circumstances and will proceed with its application. This may involve the use of repellents or pesticides, as well as proofing procedures, such as sealing cracks and holes to prevent mice and rats from reentering your property.

No matter the type of pest and severity of the problem, your pest officer will find a way to solve the case quickly and effectively.

A technician observing the results from the mice treatment.

We offer different monitoring options with all of our pest control services in Wigan, which can be booked any time. For instance, if you purchase our 3-month guaranteed service, you can benefit, if needs be, from two extra free visits within the above mentioned period of time. These additional visits ensure that the pest population is controlled to the last vermin and that your property will not be re-infested.

Pest technician performs mice-proofing.

Don't hesitate to request prevention tips and proofing advice from your local pest exterminator while on site. He will readily inform you of the most effective pest prevention methods and on the do's and don'ts you need to observe, so your property remains protected against the vermin.

Additionally, you can request from us to install rodent prevention tools in your home that will protect the areas from pesky mice and rats.

Local Pro

Count on the Local Pest Controller in Wigan

Fantastic Pest Control has strived to cover as many cities and towns in the UK by partnering with fully vetted, licensed and COSHH-certified pest technicians. Wayne Morrow is our trusted and dedicated franchisee in Wigan. He has years of experience in pest control and boasts an excellent performance score, according to our internal quality monitoring system.

The local pest exterminator is fully insured against damages and qualified to apply the most advanced and industry-approved pesticidal and pest-repellent methods, suitable for various types of vermin infestations. Subject to availability, he can respond to your service request outside business hours.

Wayne is also responsible for our pest control services in Warrington, Bolton, Salford and Oldham.

Our Pest Removal in Wigan at a Glance

  • Rodent control

    For an expert rat or mice control in Wigan, schedule our full service for optimum results. It includes up to two additional visits, free of charge, performed over a period of three months. During the initial treatment, the pest technician will ensure that all likely entry points are effectively sealed to prevent other rodents from entering and he will proceed with the application of a powerful but safe pesticide. You can also benefit from our dead animal removal service if you don't wish to deal with the rodent carcasses yourself. Alternatively, the exterminator will pick those up during one of his additional visits.

  • Cockroach and bed bug control

    We specialise in effective anti-cockroach treatment methods, which render immediate results. The local pest exterminator in your area is also fully trained and certified to provide you with a wide range of specialised insecticidal solutions that are applied successfully in dust mites control, bed bugs control, spider control and flea control situations, as well as for other types of insect infestations.

    Bed bug control usually requires several treatments with different insecticides. This is due to the life cycle of bed bugs. So if you've booked our guaranteed procedures, the exterminator will ensure that all bed bugs are gone once and for all.

  • Wasp control and nest removal

    The pest technician in Wigan will arrive well-equipped and prepared to your address. He will locate the wasp colony and will neutralise the angry insects with a powerful insecticidal spray. If it can be reached easily, the wasp nest will be carefully removed for your peace of mind. Our wasp nest control and removal service is done in just a single visit by a local pest exterminator.

  • Property fumigation

    Our property fumigation services are designed to drive off any insects away from your home. You might have rented the place and the tenants had a cat or perhaps you were unlucky to bring back bed bugs from your trip. No matter the case, Fantastic Pest Control in Wigan will handle the situation promptly.

Prices for Pest Removal Services in Wigan

Prices for mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, flies, fleas, moths, carpet beetles, spiders and silverfish

Property SizeTreatment with a 1 month guarantee**Full treatment with a 3 month guarantee***
Fantastic Club Price | Standard Price
1 bedroom
£115 | £135£157 | £185
2 bedrooms
£123 | £145£166 | £195
3 bedrooms
£132 | £155£174 | £205

Pest control for Bed Bugs in Wigan

Property SizeTreatment with a 1 month guarantee**Full treatment with a 3 month guarantee***
Fantastic Club Price | Standard Price
1 bedroom
£144 | £169£204 | £240
2 bedrooms
£152 | £179£212 | £250
3 bedrooms
£161 | £189£221 | £260

Other pest control services in Wigan

PestFantastic Club Price | Standard Price
Property fumigation£145 | £169

- Prices are applicable for residential properties only.

- No further charges go on top of the rates except parking and congestion, if applicable.

- £30 additional charge on all night jobs (night job is considered between 8pm and 5am appointment time)

** Treatment with a 1-month guarantee consists of 1 major visit + 1 follow-up in a 1-month period. Please mind that a follow-up can be organised only upon your further request.

*** Full treatment with a 3-month guarantee consists of 1 major visit + 2 follow-ups in a 3-month period. Please mind that follow-ups can be organised only upon your further request.

**** If your property has more than 4 bedrooms, contact us for a quote.

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Express Pest Control in Wigan

Fantastic Pest Control in Wigan will ensure that your emergency vermin situation is addressed straight away by assigning an expert pest exterminator near you. Just phone us or request a callback via the booking form on this website. We will also respond as fast as possible to your pest control needs if you are located in:

- West Lancashire;
- Bolton;
- Salford;
- Warrington;
- St. Helens.

Working with local pest controllers means that we're able to respond to your querries quickly and rid you of the pest problem fast.

I sublet a couple of flats and have tenants calling me often for pest-related issues. I have been working with Fantastic Pest Control for a few years and they always get the job done the way I need it. They are quick and efficient and simply fantastic.

Wanda Green, Wigan District

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