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Pest control and removal Salford

  • Heat treatment for bed bugs and moths
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Pest control experts in Salford, Greater Manchester

An inspection of the property is the first step in every Salford pest control treatment. Exterminators identify the pest type and the severity of infestations by inspecting.
Each type of pest requires a different treatment method. Using traps and baits, we are able to control rats and mice, and insect control products, such as sprays, are used to treat insects.
We will provide a free property inspection and additional treatment twice within three months. Our pest control services eliminate vermin infestations completely.
Any pest control service in Salford will include instructions for preventing recurrences of infestations and preventing rodents and insects from entering your house.

Control of pests and vermin in Salford

  • Bed bug treatment

    Salford bed bug control requires the application of at least two powerful insecticides over the course of two visits. This is needed because of the life cycle that bed bugs have - most eggs manage to survive the initial spray even when the best product on the market is used. So, follow-up visits will eliminate the remaining bed bugs that managed to escape the first time.

  • Heat treatment Salford

    For severe infestations of bed bugs, moths, fleas, flies and more, book our heat treatment procedure. This is one of the most effective ways of destroying insect colonies at scale and at once. The heat manages to penetrate even the smallest of cracks and crevices which remain unreachable with other means of pest control.

  • Rats and mice control Salford

    The mouse control expert will make your property safe again by first sealing all pest entrances (up to ½ inches in diameter) in your property using wire wool, sealants and expanding foam.  The rat exterminator will next lay down traps with poisonous bait to deal with infestations on a larger scale. Our rat control procedures are done in a similar manner.

  • Wasp nest removal Salford

    Wasps can be extremely dangerous for people and pets. A single sting is enough to unlock an allergic reaction. Don't wait for them to sting you, your family or your pets and book a wasp nest treatment today. We will dispatch the local wasp exterminator to deal with wasp and the nest in just one visit.

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