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Pest Control in Oldham
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Guarantee a Safe Work and Home Environment with Expert Pest Control in the Area

Nobody should be subjected to the horror that is living alongside rodents or other pests. Don’t postpone the eviction of these insolent “tenants” and hand the case over to the local pest controller. He will arrive right on time to assess the pest population, send them back where they came from, and ensure that no other pests will be sniffing around your property for the months to come.

Inspection before heat treatmentHave an infested mattress or wasps buzzing freely in your living room? Before performing wasp control, bed bug treatment, or any other form of pest control, the specialist will have a look around to trace the pests back to their nests. Once he gets a general idea about the scale of your infestation, the expert will walk you through the next step of the process – the treatment.

Pest technician performs cockroach treatmentThere is a different product or equipment for every type of pest. The pest exterminator is prepared for all occasions and his vehicle contains any of the combinations he needs to deal with ants, bed bugs, spiders, mice, squirrels, birds, dust mites and much more. For example, for bed bug control he will spray all infested areas with two insecticides over the course of two visits.

Pest technician observes results after rat treatmentThe monitoring stage is quite important since this will determine just how efficient the initial treatment has been. In case you spot some movement or just want to double-check that the critters have really left the building, give us a call. If you opted for a guaranteed session, you can even order up to two follow-up visits for absolutely free over the next three months after your service!

Technician gives prevention tips.It’s not enough to simply end the infestation – you also need to know how to prevent one in the first place. The pest controller will give you some property maintenance tips and will suggest slight adjustments in your routine, if needed (for instance if you have the habit of leaving pet food outside for the night) to avoid giving other pests incentives to invite themselves over. He will also ensure that the latter will have no means of entering your property by sealing all points of entry.

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What You Need to Know About Your Oldham Pest Technician

The specialist near you closely partners with Fantastic Pest Control and is your one-stop shop for all pest control services. Whether the mischievous critters have infiltrated a school, a renown restaurant, an office complex, a hotel, or have disturbed the comfort your home, Wayne Morrow will come to the rescue wielding all necessary tools and equipment.

For your ease of mind, the pest technician carries a comprehensive public liability insurance. He has also completed thorough training courses by an esteemed pest control institution in the UK (Killgerm), wears an ID badge, can arrive for the weekend, bank holiday, and after-hour appointments and will work long and hard to ensure that your pest problem is no more.

Wayne is also responsible for our pest control services in WarringtonWiganBolton and Salford.

We Treat Against Pest Intruders Both Big and Small

  • Mouse & Rat Control

    For these critters, getting into a human dwelling is often child’s play since even adult mice can fit through holes the size of a dime. The mice control expert will thus pest-proof every such entrance (but no smaller than ½ inches in diameter) with quality materials, such as wire mesh and expanding foam. Traps with bait may also be used as an additional measure, if needed.

  • Insect Extermination

    The products provided by First Environmental Solutions are all equally effective against crawling or flying insects of all sizes. While most treatments will typically vary in terms of methodology due to the specific nature of each species, the professional will generally treat the affected areas with insecticides that have a strong residual effect. On the insect control side, the pest technician is currently equipped to treat against cockroaches, dust mites, moths, ants, and more.

  • Woodworm Treatment

    Woodworm is the larvae of wood boring beetles, and it is them who destroy the timber from within. If you suspect that your furniture is infested with woodworms, the pest exterminator will treat the affected items with a spray insecticide. However, the expert may need to also inject a paste into the holes in more severe cases, after which we will extend your service guarantee.

  • Business-tier Treatments

    There are millions of ways in which a pest invasion can disrupt any business on the market. At Fantastic Pest Control, we strive to offer businesses optimal anti-pest solutions at affordable rates and ones that do not interrupt the workflow in any way. General fumigation includes a spray insecticide that discourages the pests from invading your commercial premises.

The Many Great Things About Professional Pest Control Services

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May not treat for some pests.

Adequate treatment for various pests is guaranteed.

Limited schedule and a long waiting list.

No waiting lists, flexible and convenient appointments.

Charges before the service takes place.

Charges you after the service is completed.

Limited options for commercial clients.

Individual treatments and quotes for commercial clients.

You Can Find Your Exterminator in Oldham and Other Areas

The local representative of Fantastic Pest Control offers same-day, emergency, and bank holiday appointments for each of our services, including rat control, bed bug treatment, and wasp removal. So, feel free to give us a call or make a booking online whenever you feel like you have an unwelcome visitor hiding in the shadows. In addition to Oldham, the exterminator can arrive in several other areas near you, all of which you can find below:

- Tameside;
- Rochdale;
- Manchester.

I was pleased with the service I got from the company when I lived in my previous flat. Then I needed a cockroach control and now I moved in another flat in Oldham but had a mice problem. I called Fantastic again and they delivered a superb service once again.

Jess Sommers

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