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Pest Control in Burnley
  • Fast-acting products provided by a trusted UK supplier
  • Fully discreet pest treatments available upon request
  • Trained exterminator carrying a public liability insurance
  • Same-day, emergency and bank holiday treatments

Get Assistance for Infestations With Fantastic Pest Control in Burnley

Did you just sound the pest alarm? The local franchisee who partners with Fantastic Pest Control is here to the rescue with COSHH-approved (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) methods and products. Whether a mice family, a cockroach colony, or something else creeped into your property, the exterminator will work as hard and for as long as needed until you successfully meet all safety regulations as a landlord or receive your deposit as a tenant.

Turn the Pests’ Bright Future Upside Down with the Help of...

  • Mice Control

    Rodents can be incredibly stealthy even in high numbers. That is why the professional will start with a thorough inspection to locate and seal off any mouse-made apertures with wire wool and other materials. Holes larger than ½ inch in diameter, however, will need to be fixed by an expert handyman. Mice and rat control also includes traps with poisonous baits for bigger infestations.

  • Insect Control

    The professional will tackle moths, flies, carpet beetles, cockroaches, fleas, and more with child-safe products that target the weaknesses of each individual pest. Bed bug control will be done in two separate visits and with two different sprays to ensure that you are no longer sharing your bedroom with the pesky insects. Powder-based insecticide, on the other hand, will be used to paralyse and dispatch of any wasp population lurking inside or outside your property.

  • Bird Treatment

    The most common offender in this group has proven to be the feral pigeon. In flocks, they can deal substantial amounts of property damage due to the acidic properties of their excreta. The certified pest control expert near you will use spikes, nets and fire gels to scare the flock away from your premises and discourage other pigeons from nesting under your rooftop.

  • Solutions for Your Business

    - Fumigation: treating all property surfaces with a potent spray to prevent infestations;
    - Pest disinfection: biocides and a ULV machine will be used to reduce the risk of infestation-transmitted diseases, including Norovirus, E.Coli, Legionella and more.

Did You Know That We Cover Neighbouring Regions as Well?

It’s incredible how fast pests can spread in a man-made environment. To curb this tendency, the local pest control provider has expanded his reach to include several other neighbouring regions in addition to the Burnley area. The specialist has the training and the tools to arrive for an emergency treatment (about one to two hours after you make a booking) in any of these areas:

-Ribble Valley exterminators;
-Pendle exterminators;
-Rossendale exterminators;
-Hyndburn exterminators;
-Wigan exterminators.

I was faced with my worst nightmare - spiders. There were so many in the house and there was an infestation in the attic. I booked an emergency service and the Burnley local team came right away. I was so happy when I saw them coming! Thanks to the local Fantastic pest controllers now I can live in peace in my own house with no gross spiders here. Thanks!

Casey Hopper

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