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Fly Pest Control London

Extermination of fly infestations

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How pest control for flies works


The fly exterminator will inspect your property carefully to find out what is causing the fly infestation. Methods for exterminating flies include fumigation and fogging.


An insecticide will be applied to various surfaces around your property by the pest technician. It has an instant effect, so all flies will die quickly. The fly insecticide layer will remain active for a longer period.


The guaranteed fly removal service includes up to 2 free follow-up visits within three months of the initial treatment. Each visit will include a detailed report on the fly control measures taken.


The fly exterminator can help you avoid future problems with flying insects and how to stop fly infestations. To prevent flies from entering buildings, seal entry points and gaps.

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London fly removal services

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Our professional fly control service focuses on preventing, controlling, and eradicating fly infestations in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The presence of flies can lead to the spread of diseases, the contamination of food, and disruption of the environment as a whole. The goal of the fly control treatments is to ensure a comfortable and hygienic environment by managing fly populations.

Fly types, such as house flies, fruit flies, drain flies, and cluster flies, differ in their habits and breeding spots. Pest treatment plans can be tailored based on fly species. Fly-infested surfaces will be sprayed with insecticides or residual sprays. Flies can be controlled by these treatments as they land on treated surfaces, providing ongoing control.

How to prepare for fly control service

How to prepare for fly control service

Before the fly treatment:

  • Remove all pets from the affected areas;
  • Leave the property, you can’t be present during the treatment;

After the fly control service:

  • Wait at least two hours before visiting the property again;
  • Open windows for at least 5-10 minutes;
  • Don't hoover the treated room/s for at least several days;

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Fly control FAQ

Q: How to prevent house flies?

A: To deter house flies, regularly remove trash and use well-sealed garbage bins. A fine mesh screen should be installed on doors and windows so that house flies cannot enter. In addition, pet waste must be cleaned up immediately so that house fly breeding sites do not develop.

Q: What is the best fly control?

A: Pyrethrin-based insecticides are best for controlling indoor fly infestations. Make sure you use a product that is specifically for indoor use, ventilate the space well, and follow all of the instructions carefully before using an insecticide.

Q: Do vinegar keep flies away?

A: You can make a vinegar fly trap to get rid of house flies. White vinegar is an easy natural repellent that can effectively deter flies. Make a homemade spray by mixing dish soap, water, baking soda, and vinegar in a spray bottle.

Q: Can pest control get rid of flies?

A: Fly control treatments are highly effective. You will see instant results after treatment. There is also a residual chemical which prevents flies from returning for several weeks.

Q: How long does a fly infestation last?

A: The average lifespan of a housefly is between 20-25 days, but they can live up to a month. After maggots appear in a home, adult flies usually appear 1 to 2 weeks later. The flies may continue to emerge for 1 to 3 weeks, after which they will disappear.

Q: How much does it cost to get rid of flies?

A: An estimate of the cost of removing houseflies will depend on how widespread the infestation is. When an infestation is severe, you may have to spend between £150 and £200, and the treatment can take several hours.

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Fly eradication solutions

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