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Hire Bird Control Specialists in London & Get Rid of All That Mess

Seagulls and pigeons in London can be quite pesky. They rule the skies and sometimes they choose your property as a perfect nesting place. They can seriously damage it, make a mess and even bring diseases, and there is little you can do on your own to protect your property against them. So in case pigeons, seagulls and other feathery urban critters are unusually active around your home or workplace, Fantastic Pest Control can help you with effective bird control in London.

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Inspection of a bird infestationYour Fantastic pest controller will look around your property to determine what exactly attracts the birds to your place – for example, there might be some unknown source of food nearby.

Then your pest control specialist will proceed with the actual proofing against birds.

Installation of bird spikesYour pigeon control specialist will install nets and/or spikes all over the roof of your property to prevent the birds from landing there. The bird netting and spikes used by Fantastic Pest Control are made of durable materials so you can be sure they will last.

In addition, the pest controller can apply a special "fire" gel on the outdoor surfaces. Birds see ultraviolet light and when they look at the gel it appears to them as fire so this serves as repellent against them. 

Proofing with pigeon spikesDepending on the service you booked, your technician can return to your property upon request within a period of 3 months, in case the birds continue to bother you, and take further measures.

Pest technician writes report and tipsAt the end of the service, the pest control officer will even offer you some useful advice on how to avoid future problems with pigeons, seagulls and other kinds of birds. He will also give a copy of the written report for the service.

Bird Control Prices

The price for bird control and proofing may vary depending on the level of infestation, the height of your property, the weather and the materials we will need. To receive a personalised and accurate quote you can either give the needed details to our operators or we can arrange a survey. The technician will inspect the infested areas and provide you with the best solution for your case.

Please call us or use our online form to fill in your details and receive more information about the service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can pigeons affect my property?

The feral pigeon is the most popular bird pest in the UK and should not be taken lightly. Their acidic and foul-smelling droppings can result in serious damage to buildings, while their feathers can block the gutters and cause water damage. They have even been noted to lift loose roof tiles and coverings in order to find shelter, exposing the roof to the mercy of the elements.

Are pigeon faeces harmful to humans?

The numerous pathogens that are packed within pigeon guano can be very easily transmitted via direct contact or inhaled through a building’s ventilation system. In addition, pigeon excrement has been linked with many fungal infections, such as cryptococcosis and histoplasmosis. These birds are also very likely to carry salmonella, tuberculosis, and ornithosis.

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How do I keep pigeons away from my house?

To give the birds a hint that they should leave your property, find and destroy their nests as many times as needed until they give up and relocate somewhere else. If you have a bird bath in your garden or any areas that accumulate rainwater, you should make sure to remove those as soon as possible. Other ways of deterring pigeons include placing rows of spikes on ledges and window sills or sealing the nesting areas with some caulk, glass, wood, or wire mesh.

Why should I clean the birds’ excrements?

There are many reasons why you should remove pigeon droppings. The most obvious one is, of course, to eliminate unpleasant smells. If you have previously suffered from a pre-existing respiratory condition, the large amounts of dried bird faeces can also cause significant health problems. Lastly, the smells are likely to attract quite a variety of insects to your property.

How do I remove pigeon droppings?

The removal of pigeon excrements, especially from a property’s interior, is an expensive and laborious task that can easily do more damage that the guano itself if not done right. That is why we recommend hiring experienced professionals who can legally remove all waste from your premises and thoroughly sanitise the area in order to prevent bacterial or fungal infections.

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