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Bird and pigeon removal services London

In London and the UK, seagulls and pigeons commonly cause problems for buildings. Pigeon control services are designed to manage and prevent pigeon-related issues around residential, commercial, and public properties. Pigeon droppings, noise, and potential damage to buildings can make them a nuisance. Their droppings can make a real mess of your property's facade, windows, and roof.

Pigeons' nesting habits and feather shedding can damage your guttering system and cause water damage. Furthermore, their faeces contain dangerous pathogens and emit unpleasant odours. Our humane bird control and bird-proofing methods can put a stop to the invasion.

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London bird control and deterrent services



A pigeon exterminator trained in pigeon control and removal will inspect the property to identify roosting, nesting sites and the size of the pigeon infestation



London pigeon control involves deterring pigeons. Installing barriers such as spikes, wires, and netting can be one method of deterrence. Additionally, bird- repellent gels are used



To ensure the effectiveness of our pigeon control measures, we provide follow-up visits. As part of pigeon control, we offer cleaning and disinfection services to remove pigeon guano



Local pigeon exterminator will offer useful tips for deterring birds. Highly professional pest pest pigeon control service in London

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Preventing birds from nesting on your property

Apart from setting up bird repellent devices, there are a few other things you should keep in mind to protect your home from pigeons or seagulls.

  • Remove birds' nests if possible;
  • Ensure that you keep your outdoor space clean;
  • Keep bin lids secure, especially if you run a food service business;
  • Make sure window ledges are unwelcome to birds by installing spikes;
  • Seal entry points and gaps, leading to under-roof spaces;
  • Ensure to cover areas where rainwater accumulates;
Pigeon nesting on a ledge

Bird pest control FAQ

Why do I have so many birds around my house?
Birds keep flying into houses because they are either being led by indoor lights, seeking food, shelter, or a place to nest. In most cases, the presence of pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows becomes a problem in most homes.
How do you stop birds from nesting on your property?
Pigeons prefer sheltered places to nest, such as under eaves and roofs. You can use bird netting as one of the humane deterrents to prevent them from doing so. The net will trap pigeons without hurting them, so they will quickly learn that coming to your property is pointless.
Is it allowed to remove a pigeon nest with eggs?
Moving a pigeon nest may seem humane, but nests and eggs, if any, are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981, so moving them is an offence.
How to get rid of pigeons but not other birds?
Using the right equipment and simple tricks, you can get rid of pigeons without disturbing other birds. Despite pigeons being classified as pests, you should treat them humanely.
What is the best pest control for pigeons?
There are many ways to deter birds, such as decoys, rubber snakes, bird deterrent wire, etc. Reflective, shiny objects serve as excellent deterrents to problematic birds. Light reflections from these objects discourage birds from returning to these areas.
How much does bird removal cost UK?
Pigeons can cause damage to your property that will cost you hundreds of pounds to repair. The cost of removing birds from your home can range from £70 to £200. We offer drone surveys for residential and commercial properties.

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