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Steam treatment is an effective way to kill bed bugs

Bed bugs are among the most hated pests that you can find in the UK. They multiply very quickly and in a brief period, making their eradication challenging. They are mainly active at night, while during the day, they hide. Bed bugs feed on blood by biting, which can lead to health risks and other inconveniences.

The main benefit of the steam treatment is that it is non-toxic. The heat produced by the steam vapour reaches temperatures of up to 180°C. This will terminate all life stages of the bed bugs only a few seconds after exposure to the steam. During the delivery phase, the steam is mixed with а detergent to eliminate the typical smell of bed bugs & detach the eggs from surfaces. The dry, superheated steam can be used on any surface or fabric and directed into the most hidden corners, hardest to treat and nesting areas.

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How does steam treatment for bed bugs work?



We send a professional bed bug exterminator onsite to check the level of infestation and the affected areas. The area should be decluttered before steam treatment begins.



With a special steam generator, steam is heated up to 180°C (356°F), which kills bed bugs at every stage. It is completely insecticide-free and completely safe for your family.



The steam treatment for bed bugs takes only one visit, but you should monitor the situation regularly. Contact us immediately if bed bugs reappear after steam treatment.



You will receive advice from the bed bug exterminator on how to prevent bed bugs in the future. A bed bug steam treatment report will be provided to you after the service is completed.

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How to prepare for the bed bug steam treatment

  • Remove all bedding including sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers;
  • Empty the wardrobes and suitcases under the bed (if any);
  • Hot wash bed linen and clothes on 60/90’C (temperature varies depending on the type of fabric), and then bag them up in order to protect them from being reinfested;
  • Do not leave any belongings, clothes, shoes, toys, etc. on the floor as the entire area needs to be treated;
  • The bed bugs exterminator needs access to the entire room, i.e. any furniture such as drawers that are against walls need to be pulled away to allow the pro to treat around the skirting boards;
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Bed bugs steam treatment FAQ

Q: Can steam kill bed bugs?
A: A temperature of 50 °C will kill adult bed bugs as well as their eggs in just a few minutes. As soon as the water reaches the temperature of 100°C, it turns into steam and is already hot enough to kill bed bugs immediately.
Q: Can you get rid of bed bugs with a steam cleaner?
A: Yes! A commercial steamer with a larger capacity and adjustable steam allows better penetration between fibres. The machines also reach a higher temperature (around 82°C), killing even bed bug eggs. Streamers are far more suitable for injecting high temperatures on flat surfaces, so they aren't very effective when treating tiny cracks and crevices.
Q: How often should I steam for bed bugs?
A: Steaming requires 2 or 3 sessions to kill all bed bugs since the bugs may move to escape the steam, or you might miss an area. Repetition of the treatment shouldn't take longer than a few days because bed bugs multiply quickly!
Q: What is steam treatment bed bugs?
A: Steam treatment is a non-toxic spot-on treatment that eliminates bed bugs and their eggs by heating steam up to 180° C without insecticides. The steam kills bed bugs by causing a heat shock, resulting in a permanent disinfestation.
Q: How do you get rid of bed bugs with a steam cleaner?
A: A triangular tool with a microfiber cloth is best for bedbug removal. Attach the tool to the hose or extension tube. Work slowly, so the steam has time to penetrate the surface. Steam top to bottom, starting with curtains and drapes and working down to the other furniture. While steaming your mattress, pass steam on all six sides. Consider repeating the steam treatment a few hours later or the next day.
Q: How much is a bed bugs steam treatment?
A: For those on a budget, steam is an ideal choice as it is less expensive than some of the other methods used by bed bug exterminators. The cost of steam cleaning a two-bedroom property is around £320 on average.

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