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Book Effective Steam Treatment Service against Bed Bugs

Choose an eco-friendly alternative to eliminate bed bugs

  • Skilled, trained and equipped technicians
  • A quick and powerful solution against bed bugs
  • Non-toxic treatment, completely safe for your home
  • Discreet arrival with non-branded vehicles

Why our Pest Control Steam Treatment in London is your Best Choice

Bed bugs are among the most hated pests that you can find in a British property. They multiply pretty fast and do so in a very short period of time, which makes their eradication challenging. They are cruel biters that feed on human blood in the night, which can lead to health risks and other inconveniences such as:

  • Allergic reactions: sometimes bed bug bites can lead to skin irritation, tightness in the chest, swollen lips etc. If you have any similar symptoms, we advise you to immediately seek medical care.
  • Stress: waking up with bite marks, without knowing what the cause is, can and is very stressful. Bed bugs are excellent hiders. On top of that, they can spread extremely quickly, making the whole idea of an army of insects waiting for you to go to bed even more terrifying.
  • Insomnia: scratching those itchy bites all night long can lead to some serious under eye circles.

4 Simple Steps to Follow

Contact us when a bed bug problem occurs. Arrange your booking via:

  • Phone call;
  • GoFanastic app;
  • Online booking form;
  • Live chat.

A survey will be organised. Then you can continue:

  • Pay for the inspection, without a further treatment;
  • With the steam treatment;

The steam treatment can be applied against:

  • Bed bugs (mostly recommended)
  • Other bugs.

Enjoy a property free of bed bugs. To prevent them entering again:

  • Wash your sheets regularly;
  • Check under the mattress for bed bugs;
  • Avoid buying second-hand furniture.

How the Steam Treatment Service Works


We send a professional exterminator onsite to check the level of infestation and the affected areas. Then he will decide how to proceed next.


A special machine that heats up steam to 180° C (356° F) is used which is able to eliminate bed bugs on all stages. The service is totally insecticide-free, completely safe for your family.


The service is done with only one visit. Anyway, we highly recommend you to regularly observe the situation. If the bed bugs appear shortly after the treatment, contact us again.


The expert will share with you advice on how to prevent from bed bugs in he future. In the end of the service, he will give you a copy of a report regarding the service process.

Check Few of the Benefits you can Get

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Free rescheduling

make changes anytime you wish;

Transparent policy

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24/7 customer support

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Bed Bugs Steam Treatment Cost

The cost of our steam treatment service for bed bugs is calculated based on the number of bedrooms at your property and whether you pick a standard or a discounted price with a Fantastic Club membership. The rates for our service in London are as follows:

Bed bugs steam treatment prices for 1 bedroom property

Service TypePrice
Fantastic Club | Standard
Inspection (without a treatment)£38 | £45
Treatment£402 | £425

Bed bugs steam treatment prices for 2 bedroom property

Service TypePrice
Fantastic Club | Standard
Inspection (without a treatment)£38 | £45
Treatment£497 | £525

Bed bugs steam treatment prices for 3 bedroom property

Service TypePrice
Fantastic Club | Standard
Inspection (without a treatment)£38 | £45
Treatment£592 | £625
*Read our terms

Read our terms


- Prices are applicable for residential properties only.

- No further charges go on top of the rates except parking and congestion, if applicable.

- £50 additional charge on all night jobs (night job is considered between 8 pm and 5 am appointment time)

T&C and Minimum call out charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Note that prices may vary for areas outside of M25, call in for more details on your location.

-If your property has more than 4 bedrooms, contact us for a quote.

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What clients are saying

What to Do Before and After the Steam Treatment Pest Control Service

 What to Do Before and After the Steam Treatment Pest Control Service

Before the service:

  • Remove all bedding including sheets, pillows, and covers;
  • Empty wardrobes;
  • Remove clothing, shoes or other belongings from the areas that need to be treated;
  • Ensure access to the property.

After the service is completed:

  • No need to stay out of the property for hours after the service;
  • No need to keep pets away;
  • No need to sleep in the treated room to lure out the bed bugs;
  • You can clean after the treatment if necessary.

Commonly Asked Questions by Our Customers

Q: Can Pest Controllers Work During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

A: Yes, according to BPCA, pest controllers are still allowed to visit properties, in order to make assessments and implement pest control solutions. You can check our dedicated article that gives more explanation regarding pest control services during Coronavirus lockdown.

Q: How much does the stream treatment cost?

A: In order to calculate the price of the steam treatment service, we will first need to perform a survey, which will help us determine the size and seriousness of the infestation.

Q: Is the steam treatment safe?

A: Yes, the method is completely safe, as it doesn’t involve the use of harmful chemicals to get rid of the insects.

Q: How can I make changes to my bed bugs steam treatment booking?

A: All you have to do is create a Fantastic account. There you’ll have the opportunity to manage all of your appointments fast and easy.

Q: What perks do I get if I become a member of the Fantastic Club?

A: As a member, you will benefit from priority booking options, on-time arrival guarantee, discounted rates, deals by partnering brands on all our services for the entire year.

Q: When should I book a professional bed bugs steam treatment service?

A: It’s best to contact us as soon as you see the first signs of a bed bug infestation.

Q: Why is the steam treatment service so effective against bed bugs?

A: Bed bugs, like many other types of insects, can develop an insecticide resistance, which creates the need for other pest control alternatives. The steam treatment service has two phases. The first one includes the use of special detergent, mixed with the steam, that will get rid of the nasty bed bug smell and detach their eggs from the treated area. The second phase is called “dry steaming”. In this part of the service, the pest controller will apply a very powerful, superheated steam to all hard-to-reach spots, infested areas, and nests, which will kill every living bug, egg and larvae in a matter of seconds. One of them is the popular heat treatment and the new, powerful steam treatment, both highly-effective against bed bugs on each stage.

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