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Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Our services are suitable for landlords/agencies, renting out their property, tenants, home-owners as well as commercial buildings.
We are aware that situations can occur at any time, so we are proud to be able to provide treatments 24/7, including bank holidays. Our client care centre is open for calls 24 hours.
You need to provide us with information on your postcode area, the type of pest and time that the infestation has existed, whether or not you’ve tried to treat the problem by yourself, where exactly in the property has the infestation been spotted. We would also like to know in advance how parking is arranged, what payment option you would choose and your credit or debit card details (if card payment is chosen).
If you have a Fantastic account, you have to log in. You will be able to make any changes regarding your booking. In case you still don’t have one, you can quickly create it at your convenience.
Usually only one pest controller is sent to a property. But depending on the personalized service plan and the size of the infestation – a team of two exterminators can be sent.
Yes, along with wearing uniforms. In case of any suspicions, you are always free to contact the main office to confirm.
Most pests seek food and shelter in your home. They are not attracted by dirtiness but by food and water supplies. Some insects and rodents can fit through the tiniest holes and cracks. This can happen even if you have the cleanest property.
We recommend spraying the bug with hairspray and then putting it in a plastic bag to give to the technician.
Not really. Most of the insecticides and pesticides used in pest control are not available to the general public.
The service is not hourly based, the technician leaves once the job is finished. The amount of time depends solely on the type of pest and level of infestation.
It’s a good idea to have your home inspected. However, it depends on the type of pest.
We constantly work to expand our coverage. Currently, we cover London areas within the M25 zone along with CM, SS, SL, SG, AL, HP and some parts of GU, ME, RH, TN. We are also expanding outside of London and provide pest control services in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Leeds.
Yes, we offer regular pest management for commercial clients.
We provide emergency treatments for all properties, located within our area coverage. A professional pest technician can arrive within 2 hours to take care of your case.
Yes, we do! You can book our services on weekend or official holiday, as well.

Service related information

We always strive to use insecticides which have minimum risk to people and pets. This is why most of the insecticides we use are water based. We choose different solutions depending on your pest problem. If the treatment requires your wife to leave the premises, your London pest control technician will give you all the needed information and tips for the situation.
We apply insecticides at low concentrations. This means they are strong enough to kill tiny insects but are harmless for people and pets. However, it would be best to keep any animals out of the treated premises for a couple of hours until the insecticides settle and dry. If there is a fish tank in the property, it should be covered during the treatment.
Responsible pest control is never practised on pets. This situation should be handled by a veterinarian. For better results, we recommend both a thorough flea fumigation of your property and bringing your beloved pet to your preferred vet.
You should hire a pest exterminator as soon as possible. So, once you notice any signs of a pest infestation such as obnoxious smells, strange or squeaking sounds from the walls, chewed items, faeces, etc.
No, only if you want to be. However, when you book your appointment you must inform us if you won’t be present. Of course, depending on the treatment and location, there would have to be some kind of arrangement to let the exterminator inside the premises.
Absolutely not. Our aim is to provide a customized service for each client and their pest problem. Our pest treatments vary with the customer’s needs!
It’s normal for insect activity to increase right after the treatment – that means it’s working! However, if the problem persists and you still see pests after about seven days, we can offer intensive treatment at unbeatable rates.
It is completely normal to see the corpses of dead insects after the procedure. This is a sure sign that the treatment is working.

Quotes and pricing

We have flexible pricing options to match your needs without any hidden charges. However, we will need card details to avoid last-minute cancellations. We accept Visa or MasterCard. Bank transfer is also available. We don't accept cash payments.
Yes, we require preliminary payment. Your card may be charged for the full price of the service immediately upon booking or at any time before the service begins.
Yes, all of the quotes we give are free and without any obligation. To receive one you can call us, use our contact form or online chat.
Yes, we do. You can join our Fantastic Club and benefit from our numerous deals and discounts on all services for a year. You can read more on our dedicated Fantastic Club page.

Before and after the treatment

In case you’ve placed traps or poison on your own, make sure to remove them before the technician arrives.
Don’t keep any exposed food inside and outside your home. Package your household rubbish well, keep lid of your bin closed. Have in mind that your rubbish can attract other pests too – mice and cockroaches, for example. Check the condition of your garden, deal with any overgrown areas.
Remove any pet animals from the property including fish and other tank-dwelling creatures. Hoover all area of the property that are affected. Leave the premises prior to the treatment.
Let the place stay empty for at least two hours so the insecticide can settle. When you return, air out the entire place for about ten minutes. It would be best if you don’t hoover/wash the treated areas for at least five days.

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