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Heat treatment for moths London

Heat treatment will completely eliminate moth infestations!

  • Moth extermination guaranteed the same day
  • Using heat to kill moths at all life stages
  • Chemical-free moth heat treatment
  • Moth control heat treatment that is eco-friendly

Moth infestation: how does heat treatment work?


A thorough inspection will determine the extent of the moth infestation. The moth exterminator will provide instructions on how to prepare for moth heat treatment.


Heat treatment eliminates moths at all stages of their life cycle, including eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. The heater maintains room temperature at 56°C and kills moths instantly.


A heat treatment is more efficient than other moth control methods. When compared to chemical treatments, it can eliminate moth infestations within hours.


As well as eliminating existing infestations, moth heat treatment can also serve as a preventative measure, targeting potential infestations before they become severe.

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What is heat treatment for moths?

The best and fastest method of controlling moths is heat treatment. Moths at every stage of their life will be instantly killed in clothes and carpets by the high temperature.

Heat treatment is the best method of moth pest control, as it penetrates deep underneath carpets to destroy larvae and eggs. During the treatment, the temperature of a room rises above 56°C. At this temperature, insects of all stages of development will die.

The service provides an effective solution against moth infestation. During the actual heat treatment process, the pest expert will use a professional heater, so the temperature is high enough to kill off the moths and their eggs. The entire treatment is chemical-free, without pesticide residue. 

As one of the most efficient pest control methods, heat treatment gives up to a 100% guarantee and is the perfect option for people with health concerns or who want an environment-friendly pest solution. 

Preparing your home for moth treatment

Preparing your home for moth treatment

How do I prepare for a moth heat treatment?

  • Prepare for heat treatment by putting items such as shoes, stuffed animals, toys, books, etc., that are under the bed in open laundry baskets. Hanging items must be arranged so there is enough space between them for heated air to circulate.

What to do after a moth heat treatment?

  • After the treatment is completed, you can start cleaning. Begin by vacuuming all soft surfaces thoroughly. While cleaning, it is essential to remove all dead insects and their eggs.

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Moths heat treatment FAQ

Q: Will heat kill clothes moths?

A: Temperatures above 50°C for at least 30 minutes are required to kill clothing moth larvae and eggs. Pesticides are known to contain carcinogens, which are harmful to humans, while heat treatments completely help avoid these risks.

Q: How effective is heat treatment for moths?

A: Pest-killing chemicals are not only harmful to humans, but they also do not eliminate moth eggs. Heat treatment kills every stage of the moth's life cycle. Therefore, infestations are far less likely to occur again.

Q: How much does moth heat treatment cost?

A: To treat moth infestations, pest control companies usually charge per room. Rates may vary depending on the treatment type and the property size. Average heat treatment costs £520.

Q: What is removed during heat treatment?

A: Items such as electronics, paintings and heat-sensitive medications should be removed from the treatment area. Heat treatment should be conducted with all occupants, plants, and pets out of the premises

Q: How do I get rid of moths quickly?

A: Wipe surfaces down with soap and water and thoroughly vacuum cracks and crevices. Hang a small cloth bag with rosemary, thyme, cloves, lavender or bay leaves in your wardrobe and place them in your drawers.

Q: Does heat treatment work for moths?

A: Heat treatment is generally recommended against moths. It is an eco-friendly pest control method and has a 100% guarantee against moth infestations. You can kill moths at every stage of their life with heat treatment, in clothes, and on carpets.

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