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London 24 hour pest control services


Pest inspection

The type of pest and level of infestation will be determined by a professional pest exterminator in London. Depending on the severity, we'll recommend the best pest control treatment


Pest treatment

We do same-day and emergency pest control and pest eradication! Plus, the pest exterminator will also seal small entry points. Pest controllers for bedbugs, flies, fleas, moths, silverfish, and rodents.


Pest monitoring

Monitoring and follow-up are part of our London pest control service. Up to two additional visits are available after the initial pest treatment. Whether it's insects or rodents, our pest control team can handle it!


Pest prevention

We'll keep an eye out for pests, so any new activity will be handled immediately. Our local pest control experts will write up a report of the treatment, along with some helpful tips for future pest prevention


Pest control prices London

Property 1-month treatmentInitial treatment + 1 follow-up visit 3-month treatmentInitial treatment + 2 follow-up visits Premium treatmentThe 3 follow-up visits should be requested within 4 months from the initial treatment
1 bedroom Starting at£230 Starting at£305 Starting at£393
2 bedrooms Starting at£240 Starting at£315 Starting at£406
3 bedroom Starting at£265 Starting at£340 Starting at£439
4 bedrooms Starting at£295 Starting at£370 Starting at£478
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*Discount for members of the Fantastic Club.
The Fantastic Club is a yearly subscription of £89.
  • Prices are applicable for residential properties only.
  • No further charges go on top of the rates except parking and congestion, if applicable.
  • £50 additional charge on all night jobs (night job is considered between 8pm and 5am appointment time)

T&C and Minimum call out charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Note the prices may vary for areas outside the m25, call in for more details on your location.

24/7 Pest Control in London & the UK

Emergency pest control treatments near you

  • COSHH-certified pest controllers London.
  • We provide urgent pest control for rodents (rats, mice, squirrels), insects (cockroaches, ants, fleas, bed bugs), wasps, birds, and more.
  • Trained and certified pest exterminators use a variety of proven methods to eliminate any pest infestation.
  • We use environmentally friendly pest control treatments to eliminate pests across London as part of our guaranteed pest control services.
  • We can respond to an urgent pest infestation request on the same day. Pests that require immediate attention, such as active wasp nests, are often dealt with within 60 minutes. As soon as you contact us, we will dispatch a London pest exterminator that is closest to you.
  • We provide 24-hour pest control and management for all pests.
  • We have been providing pest control services throughout London and the UK for years, tackling pest infestations in homes, restaurants, offices, and businesses!
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24 hour pest control London FAQ

How to choose a pest control company UK?
Check qualifications and accreditation when choosing a pest control company in Greater London and the UK. Confirm that the pest control company is licensed as required by law. It ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations. Make sure you choose a company that follows an Integrated Pest Management approach, which means pest prevention, monitoring, and targeted pest treatments.
How much do the London council charge for pest control?
Councils charge different prices for pest control. Typically, there is a bracket for those living in council properties, one for those receiving benefits, and another for private tenants or owners. Council services are long-waiting, some taking months, so if you need emergency pest control call our pest exterminators near you available 24/7.
What are signs of rodent infestation?
Droppings near food packages, cupboards, and drawers are common signs of rodent infestations. Chewing marks on food packaging, holes chewed through walls and floors and materials such as paper or fabric that can be used as nesting materials, are the usual signs of a rat or mouse infestation.
How long does pest control take?
The duration of the service depends on several factors, such as the size of your property, the level of infestation, and the condition of the affected areas. Treatments may take as little as 30 minutes, while others may take up to 8 hours.
How much does pest control cost in UK?
Depending on the type of pest control service you need, the level of infestation and the size of your home, pest control costs can vary. On average, pest exterminators charge £130 to £200 per treatment on your premises if the pest infestation is extensive.
Who is responsible for pest control when renting UK?
Is the landlord responsible for pest control? When a pest infestation occurs as a result of a repair that needs to be done, your landlord must handle it. During the whole tenancy, they must ensure your home is fit to live in. Inform your landlord if you notice any pest activity.

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