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Pest Control in Coventry

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Fantastic Pest Control Coventry will S.T.O.P. the pest problems today!

Before the treatment, the local pest control technician will evaluate your vermin situation. The inspection will help determine the scope of the issue so that the best treatment could be selected.
The local pest technician will go ahead with treating your property at once. The pest control technician will apply the necessary treatment depending on if it's mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches or any other infestation you're facing.
When you purchase the guaranteed services, you get two extra visits free of charge within 3 months of the initial treatment. If applicable, your property will be re-treated for any unresolved pest issues.
If you want to protect your property in the future, consider talking to your local. Using their professional experience, they will be able to answer all of your questions and provide some useful tips.

Fantastic Pest Control in Coventry for Residential and Commercial Properties

We at Fantastic Pest Control are constantly growing and now you can take advantage of our pest control services in Coventry. We provide full treatments of a wide range of pests including rodents, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, carpet beetles, pigeons and many more.

According to our data, some of the most common pests in Coventry are mice, fleas, spiders and moths. We can deal with each of them in four simple steps: inspection, treatment, observation and prevention.

Common Pest Infestation and How We Deal with Them

  • Mice and Rats Control

    The local mice exterminator arrives at the time for the appointment at your site. He will give a comprehensive inspection of the entire property and locate all possible entry points. Then all holes will be sealed to block rodents from coming into your house. Last, but not least traps will be placed in strategic places in order to catch the specimens that are still inside of the house.

  • Fleas Control

    After you set the appointment, the exterminator will arrive and inspect the property. He will thoroughly check your beds, furniture and other common places where fleas might hide. Next, he will proceed with the most effective treatment. If you book a treatment with three months guarantee, you can benefit from two more follow up visits and treatments if needed. Then, the flea exterminator will write a report describing the performed service and will give you useful tips on how to cope with possible future flea infestations.

  • Spiders Control

    The procedure of treating spiders start with a survey when the exterminator will visit and check the property. Then he will decide what type of treatment will be the most effective and will execute the service. The expert comes with top-notch equipment and powerful insecticides that guarantee up to 100% eradication. In the end, he will give you a report and will give you some helpful preventative advice on how to keep spiders away.

  • Moths Control

    The Fantastic Pest Controller will visit the property and examine the situation. He will check for any signs and all hiding places such as wardrobes, cabinets or pantries for moths. This step helps him decide which treatment is the best. There are three types of moths treatments: spraying with insecticides, fogging or heat treatment. Lastly, the exterminator will hand in a report and will provide you with expert advice on how to deal with moths in the future.

Interesting Facts and Stats About the Pests in Coventry

#1. The small bloodsuckers are almost impossible to be caught and even eradicated. Fleas can jump more than 30 thousand times in a row. This means it's almost impossible to be spotted. For the last few months, we've covered over 2 700 cases with flea-infested properties.

#2. Spiders are arachnids and usually are mistaken with insects. Most of the spider species are not known to be dangerous but they are scary to many people. Fantastic Pest Control has provided approximately 1 100 spider control services in Coventry.

#3. Known as the butterflies' cousins, moths can damage your clothing, sheets and other textile belongings. In Coventry, we've managed to deal with about 800 cases for the last year.

#4. The nasty rodents can pierce through openings as big as a dime. So mice can enter through the tiniest hole they find. They are one of the most common pests in the UK and only in Coventry we have had about 4 000 call-outs during the last year.

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