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Birmingham pest exterminators inspect your property to determine the type and severity of the pest infestation. We control fleas, ants, moths, squirrels, wasps, rats, mice and more.
Treatment methods differ depending on the type of pest. Ensure your property is pest-free by relying on local pest control experts. You can trust our exterminators to completely eradicate any pest.
Follow-up monitoring is included in our Birmingham pest control services. You can request up to 3 follow-up visits within 3 months as part of our guaranteed pest control treatments.
The pest control services include a comprehensive pest management plan and advice on how to prevent future infestations. We provide a detailed treatment report for free with our Birmingham pest control treatments.

Removal of rodents, spiders and insects in Birmingham

  • Rat and mice control in Birmingham

    We offer both regular and emergency mice and rats treatments. For our rat control in Birmingham, the exterminator will use an endoscopic camera upon request to scan all inaccessible areas in your home for vermin activity. We will seal all potential rat entry points with wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam. In more severe cases, the rodent exterminator can also treat the area with potent pesticides and install door brush seals or sturdy vent meshes to deny mice and rats an easy entrance to your property.

  • Wasp nest treatment Birmingham

    To handle the nest and control the wasps, an exterminator equipped with the latest tools will arrive. Wasps are quickly neutralised by spraying powder into their nests. There are different nesting methods and behaviour patterns among wasp species. A precise identification of the wasp species is crucial for determining the most effective wasp control method. A professional wasp exterminator uses insecticides to remove wasps.

  • Cockroach removal in Birmingham

    For our cockroach treatment in Birmingham, we use bait gel traps to destroy cockroach colonies and remove them from the property once and for all. Once applied the bait gel will poison and kill any cockroaches that have eaten from it. Since these insects are omnivorous, the live ones will feed on the dead, resulting in a domino effect over the cockroach population which is the actual purpose of the treatment. If the infestation level is high, the cockroach exterminator will use a powerful insecticide to spray the affected areas. The insecticide has a residual effect which means it will remain active over time.

  • Pigeon control in Birmingham

    Pigeons and seagulls are just two examples of flying pests that we treat. Our effective bird control solutions aim to deter them from buildings and discourage the birds from perching and nesting. The local exterminator will check the exterior of your property to see if there's anything that attracts the pest and will then proceed with proofing solutions. The pigeon control specialist in Birmingham will install nets and/or spikes all over the roof of your property to prevent the birds from landing there. In addition, the pest controller can apply a special "fire" gel on the outdoor surfaces. 

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