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Pest Control Technicians Walsall

A pest exterminator will inspect the property to determine entry points and damage caused by pests. Our treatment options will vary depending on the severity of the infestation.
We use traps to control rats and mice, bait gels to control cockroaches, or sprays to eliminate insect infestations. There will be a different type of treatment for each type of pest.
Our pest control services comes with a 3-month guarantee, meaning the exterminator can visit the property again a few weeks and inspect for a pest activity.
It is recommended that you speak with your local pest technician to learn some practical tips on how to prevent further infestations. Each pest treatment will be documented.

Pest treatments available in Walsall

  • Mice and rat control

    Fantastic Pest Control is known for the large number of successful rodent extermination jobs completed within the last few years. You should schedule the very same service if rats, mice or squirrels disrupt your comfort.

  • Flying and crawling insects

    Cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, wasps and other insects can become really active when the winter ends. We know this and have geared up the pest technicians for any emergencies is Walsall. Call us if you are dealing with insects infestation.

  • Bird control Walsall

    Birds will not be exterminated. Instead, the best solution for this type of infestation is to deter them as best as possible. The Fantastic bird technicians use fire-imitating gel, spikes and netting to bird-proof your property.

  • Commercial pest control

    Commercial properties of any kind, such as hospitals, restaurants, factories and more need to be cleared of pests as well. We have experience in commercial pest control and it will be put into practice by the technicians to ensure your comfort and safety.

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