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Mice Pest Control London

Emergency mouse control treatments and prevention services

  • Detection of mouse infestation with an endoscope camera
  • The mice treatments include mouse proofing
  • A 3-month guarantee on mice removal service
  • Certified mouse exterminator London

How do rodent exterminators get rid of mice


Mice treatments begin with a thorough inspection of the property to determine the extent of the infestation. The mouse exterminator will identify infested areas, mice-entry points, and factors that might attract them.


Mice are commonly captured by trapping. We trap and remove mice to prevent further breeding. For catching mice, rodenticide bait stations are strategically placed along with traps in high-activity areas.


Follow-up inspections ensure the effectiveness of the initial mouse treatment. With our 3-month guaranteed mice control service, you get 2 follow-up visits. If mice are detected, exterminators repeat the treatment.


Keeping mice out requires sealing entry points and blocking access. Materials such as steel wool, mesh, and sealants are used by the mouse exterminator to close gaps. We'll even provide some mice prevention advice.

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Why pest control for mice in important

Pest controllers inspects a property for mice.

Mice pest control involves identifying, managing, and preventing mice infestations in a safe and efficient manner. A licensed and experienced mouse exterminator is essential for effective mice pest control. Whenever you spot a mouse or notice signs of an infestation, take immediate action to avoid all the problems that these rodents can cause.

To keep their teeth in check, mice chew on various materials. Insulation, wiring, furniture, and structural components can be damaged, resulting in fire. A pair of mice can produce dozens of offspring in a short period. A small mouse infestation can quickly become a major issue.

Before and after your mice treatment

Before and after your mice treatment

Here is how to prepare for your mice removal service:

Prior to the mice extermination:

  • Vacuum your property carefully;
  • Get rid of all food leftovers;
  • Remove any traps or poison you’ve put down yourself;

After the mouse removal treatment:

  • Check for any new entry points;
  • Regularly empty your waste bins;
  • Don’t leave food out in the open;

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Mice Control FAQ

Q: How to get rid of mice?

A: One of the most effective ways to get rid of mice is to use mouse traps. In addition, remove all sources of food and get rid of nesting materials. As part of mouse proofing, seal any possible entry points. Use natural repellents to deter mice as well.

Q: What are the signs of a mouse infestation?

A: Mouse droppings around food packages, cabinets and drawers, and under the sink are sure signs of a mouse infestation. There may also be gnawed plastic or furniture, tracks, and rodent sightings. It is also common for house mice to emit musky odours.

Q: How much is pest control for mice?

A: The cost of mouse extermination will vary according to the level of infestation and the number of bedrooms you have. On average, the cost of pest control for mice may range between £180 and £260. Mice removal costs include trapping, disposal of dead rodents, and baiting.

Q: How long do mice live?

A: A mouse's lifespan is short and depends on the species. Mice usually live for 12 to 18 months. The house mouse has adapted to live around humans. A mouse lives an average of two years inside a house that provides shelter and food.

Q: How often do mice reproduce?

A: A mouse can become pregnant immediately after giving birth and reproduce between five and ten times a year! Considering their rapid gestation, it is not uncommon to see litters only 25 days apart. A female mouse can give birth to up to 60 pups a year.

Q: How to prevent mice?

A: To prevent mice from entering your property, block any gaps or entry points and clear out areas where they may build a nest or find food. Mice can damage and pose health risks to a property, so preventing them from entering is the best way to control mice.

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