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Mice Control
  • Emergency, same-day treatments
  • Guaranteed results with our 3-visit package
  • Inspection with endoscope cameras
  • Mice proofing is included in the service
  • Discreet service with unbranded vans

We Conduct Professional Mice Control in London

Mice can infest pretty much any place – from households to public venues and other establishments. They can be harmful to your health in a variety of ways and even cause damage to your property.

Now you can eliminate the annoying vermin with a single phone call. Fantastic Pest Control will make sure every last mouse at your property is eradicated. Your mouse control service in London will consist of four main steps which are explained below. Also, don't forget that you can receive a 10% discount on 25+ Fantastic Services, including mice control. Ask for our Fantastic Club membership for more details.

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Pest controllers inspects a property for mice.Pick a day and time that will suit you best for a visit by a Fantastic mouse exterminator.

He will inspect your property carefully to determine the level of infestation using state of the art endoscope camera.

Technician puts mice bait in a box.Your Fantastic Pest Exterminator will seal all small holes inside your property that the mice use as entry points (with sealants, wire wool and expanding foam). In case of a serious infestation the specialist will safely lay down a pesticide in hard-to-reach places to ensure mouse extermination.

NOTE: Choose a guaranteed mice control service to request up to two free visits from a Fantastic Exterminator in case there is still mice activity within a period of 3 months from the initial treatment.

A technician observing the results from the mice treatment.When full service is booked, you can schedule additional appointment with the pest technician. He will return to your property to see the results of the conducted work. He will also collect and dispose of mouse carcasses if there are any at all. If there is still mice activity in the property, the expert will proceed further with the treatment.

NOTE: Non applicable for one-off treatments.

Pest technician performs mice-proofing.Your pest controller will seal all tiny holes which mice use to enter the premises - this is included in the price for mice control. The exterminator will even offer you some useful advice on how to prevent future mice infestation. Upon request and for a small additional charge the technician can install the following items for rodent proofing the property:

  • Door Brush Seals: prevent mice and rats from entering through the small gap between the door and the floor.
  • Vent Mesh: It’s made of stainless steel and is installed over vents to prevent rodents from entering through the holes of the vent.

Mice Control Prices

The cost of our mouse control service depends on the number of bedrooms at your property, the type of guarantee you choose, and whether you pick a standard or a discounted price with a Fantastic Club membership. The rates for our service in London are as follows:

Mice control prices for 1 bedroom property

Service TypePrice
Fantastic Club | Standard
Inspection (without a treatment)£35
Treatment with a 1 month guarantee**£152 | £179
Full treatment with a 3 month guarantee***£213 | £250

Mice control prices for 2 bedrooms property

Service TypePrice
Fantastic Club | Standard
Inspection (without a treatment)£35
Treatment with a 1 month guarantee**£160 | £189
Full treatment with a 3 month guarantee***£221 | £260

Mice control prices for 3 bedrooms property

Service TypePrice
Fantastic Club | Standard
Inspection (without a treatment)£35
Treatment with a 1 month guarantee**£169 | £199
Full treatment with a 3 month guarantee***£230 | £270

Mice control deals

Fantastic ClubStandard
Mice treatment for up to 3 bedrooms
+ 1 hour Handyman
£230 + £55£270 + £61

- Prices are applicable for residential properties only.

- No further charges go on top of the rates except parking and congestion, if applicable.

- £30 additional charge on all night jobs (night job is considered between 8pm and 5am appointment time)

* One-off treatment is not recommended for mice and rats. It is an option for minor infestations only.

** Treatment with a 1-month guarantee consists of 1 major visit + 1 follow-up in a 1-month period. Please mind that a follow-up can be organised only upon your further request.

*** Full treatment with a 3-month guarantee consists of 1 major visit + 2 follow-ups in a 3-month period. Please mind that follow-ups can be organised only upon your further request.

**** If your property has more than 4 bedrooms, contact us for a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do mice eat?

Herbivores in nature, mice have an infamous appetite for wheat, rye, oat, and rice. However, each species also has different food tastes. For instance, field and house mice favour fruits and cereal, while yellow-necked field mice often gnaw on cables, wood, books, and clothing. Mice’s diet is mostly dry and they consume less than 3mg of water per day.

What are the signs of a mice infestation?

A mice infestation is usually accompanied by cylindrical-shaped droppings, gnaw marks on furniture, small tracks in dusty areas, and a permeating, musky odour. If the rodent population is too great, some of them can also be spotted roaming about the house in broad daylight.

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How did mice enter my house?

Their body shape allows mice to squeeze through holes the size of a small coin. Common entry points include cracks and holes in walls, floors and foundations, gaps in windows and ceilings, sewer pipes, sink and bathtub drains, and even via openings in plumbing or gas pipe fittings.

Where do mice prefer to hide?

Mice love dark and warm spaces, so expect to find them in just about any nook and cranny in your home that is out of sight. Common rodent hiding spots include attics, eaves, basements, cellars, areas behind kitchen appliances and furniture, and inside cavity walls.

How do you get rid of mice in walls?

If you suspect that there are mice hiding behind the walls, the exterminator will use modern equipment, such as an endoscope or a thermographic camera, to pinpoint their exact location.

How do you keep mice away?

The specialist will give you free expert advice on how to keep mice from re-entering your property. You can also take extra measures, such as inspecting your home’s exterior for openings every season, keeping your garden tidy, and avoiding leaving food out in the open. Do not leave any exposed food anywhere around the property, keep household rubbish in the bin and make sure the lid is shut. The rubbish can attract not only mice but also rats, squirrels and other vermin.

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