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Pest Control in Bath and North East Somerset
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Pest Control in Bath and North East Somerset for Homes & Businesses

Is your domestic or commercial property affected by annoying rodents or insects? Would you like to show those pesky troublemakers who's the boss? Then, take advantage of our expert services available in Bath and North East Somerset. Just reach us online and we'll send a fully equipped pest controller to handle the situation. Soon your property will be free of the annoying vermin thanks to our highly effective advanced anti-pest measures.

Without a comprehensive assessment of the level of the infestation, your property has been suffering from, the local technician will find it hard to proceed with an effective pest management solution. This is why, he will first check carefully all the affected areas for different pest activity signs, such as droppings, marks, stains, damages from entry attempts, etc., in order to decide on the most appropriate method and the product he needs to use.
Depending on the type of vermin you have an issue with, the Fantastic pro may use a fumigant or another type of insecticidal product, install traps or baits, apply a powerful but pet-safe rodenticide and so on. Note that we do not exterminate wildlife creatures, such as squirrels and birds but make every effort to repel them from settling on your property.
A wasp removal job may not require a second visit but most insect infestations are best monitored for an extended period of time. Hence, we recommend that you book a complete service with us, which comes with up to two free visits/inspections and treatments, if applicable, over a space of 3 months.
At the end of your service, you will receive a written report, which will detail out important information about the product and method used. Also, the exterminator will advise you on all the dos and don’ts that you need be aware of, in order to protect your home or business against re-infestations.

Donna King

I've only used one other pest control company before and was not pleased with all. This time I booked a rat treatment from you and I have to say that so far, you are better in every way. I hope the house remains free of rats for a long time.

Donna King

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