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Pest Control in Bristol

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Bristol pest experts will S.T.O.P. your pest problems today!

During this initial stage of assessing the level of the problem, the local exterminator in Bristol will identify the type of vermin, based on the visible signs of pest activity.
After the inspection, the pest controller will advise you on the treatment needed. By now he will be familiar with the most infected zones and where extra efforts are needed.
You should monitor your property for any pest activity after the initial treatment. You can avail of a full service with us, which comes with up to two free visits within a period of three months.
The experienced pest expert will advise you on how to protect your property against future pest issues. You will also receive pest-proofing advice and a treatment report.

Fantastic Pest Control Bristol - Get Rid of the Pests Today!

Dealing with pests is a pain, regardless if you’re a homeowner, run a restaurant chain, or own a warehouse. While it’s often times easy to encounter signs of their presence, finding where the pests live can be a tall order for almost anyone who doesn’t know how to identify the animal they are supposed to fight.

So, allow Fantastic Pest Control to step in and eliminate the guesswork. We will dispatch a local and fully certified pest exterminator who will rid your property of the pesky animals in 4 crucial steps, all of which you can find listed in more detail below. The expert can perform the service in a 100% discreet way.

More About the Services in Bristol We Offer

  • Rodent and Mice Treatment

    To prevent the animals from escaping, the specialist will locate and isolate all their points of entry with wire wool, sealants, and other products. Traps and poisonous bait will only be used if the professional deals with an infestation of a bigger magnitude than usual. 

  • Bed Bug/Other Treatments

    Unlike other insect treatments, bed bug control is done in two visits and with two different insecticides to ensure their complete eradication. Your professional can also assist you if you are being bothered by spiders, moths, flies, carpet beetles and more. Please note that we cannot remove bees and that you will need to hire a beekeeper for this job instead.

  • Squirrel Control

    To deal with the squirrel infestation, the expert will lay multiple traps with bait and will ask you to check on them every 10-12 hours. Once all animals have been securely trapped, he will arrive back to load them in the van and dispose of them in accordance to local laws.

  • Avian Control and More

    To keep pigeons, other pesky birds and their acidic guano away from your rooftop, employees, and customers, the professional will place spikes, fire gels, and nets around key locations. The pest controller will refuse to kill any birds since this goes against the official laws.

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