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  • Squirrel control in lofts and hard-to-reach places
  • Guaranteed grey squirrel control and removal
  • To eliminate squirrels humanely, we will use rodent traps
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Humane Squirrel control service in London
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Effective squirrel control performed by experts

Professional squirrel exterminators are knowledgeable and experienced in identifying squirrel infestations and removing them. The squirrel exterminators use humane and safe methods to get rid of squirrels. It is possible for squirrels to damage property by nibbling on wiring and structures. Your home or business can be protected from costly damage with the help of an exterminator. They have special equipment and techniques that can get rid of squirrels efficiently. Squirrels can carry diseases and parasites that are harmful to humans and pets. The removal of squirrels from your property by professional exterminators can eliminate these health hazards.
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Trapping squirrels humanely and safely in London



Often, squirrels enter lofts and do most of the damage there. However, that may not always be the case. This is why a squirrel exterminator will arrive onsite to check where the signs of squirrel infestation can be found and where their entry point is



Squirrel traps with bait will be placed in strategic places by the pest controller. When the animal is caught, the squirrel exterminator will come back to pick it up together with the traps. The squirrel is dispatched humanely, following all rules and laws in the UK



As a part of the guaranteed treatment, the squirrel exterminator will come for a follow up visit when a squirrel is caught in the trap. Count on us to remove squirrels from your loft or garden when you call us, including squirrel proofing



When the squirrels are caught and removed, you’ll be given a detailed report of the service. You will also be advised by the squirrel exterminator to seal any entry points so you won’t have squirrels or other pests bothering you in the future

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Prevention tips for squirrel control

Once the professional has set the traps, you’ll need to check them every 10 to 12 hours. After the rodent has been caught, call the pest controller to remove it and re-set the trap, if necessary.

Squirrel prevention advice:

  • Remove all food sources.
  • Prune tree branches, located near the roof, in order to eliminate access.
  • Block all possible entry points.
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Squirrel pest control FAQ

What is a deterrent for squirrels?
Squirrels use their strong sense of smell to search for food and shelter. Some natural scents may deter squirrels, including vinegar, peppermint oil, coffee grounds, cinnamon, garlic and rosemary. Squirrels don't like spicy odours. The capsaicin in hot peppers irritates them.
How do I get rid of squirrels permanently?
To get rid of squirrels check your garden and remove any possible food sources squirrels use, such as nuts, vegetables, fungi, and fruit. Also, cover all bin areas so they cannot access them. Without being fed, they'll eventually move on.
Is it legal to kill grey squirrels?
It is not against the law to capture and kill grey squirrels. Grey squirrels are managed year-round through various methods, including trapping and shooting. The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) prohibits the release of grey squirrels into the wild.
How do professionals get rid of squirrels?
To control squirrels, professionals might use live capture traps. Live capture trapping needs to be humane. It is an offence to cause suffering to any animal. Drey poking is particularly effective in winter when the nests are easily visible.
What do squirrel nests look like?
A squirrel nest is called a drey, composed of clumped-together leaves, twigs, bark, moss, and other compressed materials. Dreys are usually built in trees with cavities or around branches. A bunch of leaves looks like a small, round bulb.
How much does squirrel removal cost?
The cost of squirrel removal in the UK varies depending on several factors, but a general estimate will be between £150 and £300. A majority of pest control companies include the cost of removing and dispatching squirrels humanely.

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