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Qualified pest control technicians in Bolton

The pest exterminator begin by inspecting all infested areas. An effective pest control plan requires identifying the pest and determining the most effective treatment.
Bolton's exterminators are equipped to handle any pest infestation. Rats and mice are controlled by traps and baits, while insect infestations are controlled by sprays.
For at least 3 months after the service is completed, keep an eye out for any further pest activity. Our guaranteed service includes two additional visits from a local pest controller.
The pest control service we provide in Bolton includes tips for preventing future infestations. We can also assist with pest-proofing. Furthermore, you will receive a detailed report.

All types of pests are treated in Bolton

  • Rat & mouse control

    To provide thorough mouse and rat control in Bolton, the local rat pest controller will seal all small holes and other openings that are frequently used by rodents. The exterminator will use an expanding foam, sealants, and wire wool to do so. Any apertures bigger than ½ inch in diameter, however, will need to be fixed by a handyman instead. Traps with baits can also be deployed if the infestation is severe.

  • Carpet beetles treatment

    Carpet beetles can cause severe damage. They may attack leather furniture, cotton or silk drapes, curtains, and carpets. They also feed on clothing, bedding, etc. If you see signs of damage on these items or live beetles flying around, you should contact an exterminator. We offer same-day carpet beetle treatment in Bolton.

  • Flea pest control Bolton

    Treating fleas can be a tricky business. Once the infestation becomes severe they are quite hard to exterminate. Taking adequate and emergency measures as soon as you notice the first signs of an infestation is crucial. We use powerful insecticides with long-residual effects. You can request a flea treatment with a three-month guarantee and you'll be able to call us for 2 free follow-up visits.

  • Bolton bed bug treatment

    To kill bed bugs and their eggs, a powerful knockdown insecticide will be applied at the first visit. In the second treatment, the bed bug exterminator will use another insecticide to eliminate the entire colony. In addition to the initial treatment, our 3 month guarantee pest service includes a 2-week follow-up visit by our pest technician.

Fantastic Exterminators vs Bolton Council

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Pest control – Bolton Council

Pest control treatments are available 24/7 even on bank holidays

Their availability is limited to days and working hours

The pest treatment includes a free inspection

Minimum charge for initial callout and one basic treatment

Emergency appointments for pest control available on the same day

Appointments on Wednesdays only.

We use heat treatment to destroy bed bugs, moths, fleas and more

No heat treatment against insects

More Than Just a Bolton Pest Control

The specialist's close proximity to you in Bolton means that you can count on him to arrive within just a few hours for emergency service. But what if your friends in a neighbouring area need pest control as well? We have you covered – see all the nearby areas we operate in below:

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