Pest Control in St Helens

  • Guaranteed bed bug eradication with heat treatment
  • Pest controller availability is updated in real time
  • Key pick-up and delivery service upon request
  • Safe rodent, bird, insect, and squirrel treatments

Your local St Helens pest technician will S.T.O.P. the pests today!

The local pest expert will first perform a rigorous inspection of your St Helens estate for all the signs of pest activity. Doing this will help to assess the level of the infestation and decide on a suitable treatment.
After the inspection, the pest expert will advise you on the treatment needed. By now he will be familiar with the most infected zones and where extra efforts are needed.
If your pest problem needs additional monitoring after the initial extermination, up to two additional visits will be scheduled over a period of maximum 3 months. The same local pest professional will be assigned to perform a follow-up treatment for you.
The pest expert will make sure all entry points are blocked so that the vermins won't come back. He will write and give you a report where the whole process is described and will provide you with professional advice on ho to avoid future infestations.

The Fantastic Pest Control Treatments in St. Helens

  • Squirrel control

    We treat rodents such as squirrels. In St. Helens, grey squirrels invade mostly lofts and attics. After the inspection, the tehnician will strategically place traps with baits. Then, they will take both the trap and the squirrel and will dispatch the rodent humanely following all UK rules and laws. Learn more about our squirrel control methods.

  • Flea control

    We can treat many types of insects including fleas. As these little intruders are extremely persistent the technicians can apply heat treatment depending on the size of infestation. Learn more about our fleas treatment procedures.

  • Wasp nest treatment

    Don't attempt to take actions on your own and instead entrust the task to a local pest controller in the St. Helens area. For our wasp control, the pest officer will use a powerful knock-down powder that will destroy the wasps in a matter of minutes. 

  • House heat treatment

    Our heat treatment procedures are effective against severe problems with bed bugs, moths, fleas, flies and other pesky insects. The exterminator will eliminate every trace of bed bugs by raising the room's temperature to degrees which the bugs can't stand. This is why the bed bug heat treatment has a 100% success rate of eradicating the entire colony in just a couple of visits. The service is often requested not only by homeowners but also by AirBnB owners, hotel managers and holiday let owners.

Get a Local Pest Exterminator in St. Helens Now

Even if you have an emergency pest problem, you can rely on Fantastic Pest Control in St. Helens. For our local services, we work with exterminators located in or around your area. It means that we'll be able to respond faster and send out someone to attend to the matter as soon as possible.
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