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Pest Control in Sefton
  • Personalised pest prevention advice by the specialist
  • The pest controller will not leave until the job is done
  • COSHH-compliant services with Killgerm products
  • Online and phone support available 7 days a week

Sit Tight – The Fully Equipped Local Pest Controller Is on His Way

Can’t figure out where all these pests are coming from? Your local professional can perform anything from mice and rat control to diligent squirrel and bird treatments quickly and in line with the latest UK guidelines. The products used are supplied by a trusted brand, and the efficacy of each employed method is guaranteed thanks to the Killgerm certificates and years of experience under the exterminator’s belt. So, give us a call and end the infestation today!

Battle Any Pest Under Your Roof with Pest Services in Sefton

  • Mice Control

    Rodents are one of the smartest animals alive, but can also be quite predictable. The pest exterminator will use that to his advantage to identify and seal their entry points with wire wool, expanding foam, and other materials. Traps with poisonous bait may be used in select cases.

  • Insect Treatments

    The expert is officially certified to treat both domestic and commercial properties against fleas, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, woodworm and more using fast-acting insecticide sprays. He can also perform bed bug control and wasp control, which involve two totally different techniques.

    Two visits and two different insecticides will be used to eradicate the bed bugs, since they are resistant to many forms of pest control. Wasps, on the other hand, will be dealt with using a special powder-like substance, which will paralyse all buzzing insects within the hive.

  • Dust Mite Eradication

    This professional treatment is usually done in one visit and involves ultraviolet light. Using an UV device, the specialist will illuminate all affected areas in your property, be it curtains, mattresses or sofas, and also spray the infested area with an insecticide to deal with bigger populations.
  • Commercial Solutions

    Pest disinfection is a commercial service done with a ULV machine and biocidal products, which will kill up to 99.99% of all harmful pathogens, including Norovirus, E.Coli, Salmonella, and more. Other services for a pest-proof business include general fumigation (spraying all areas in your premises to
    prevent infestations) and bird control (deterring pigeons using spikes, nets, and fire gels).

Wasp Removal Services and More Are Available Not Just in Sefton

The local Fantastic Pest Control franchisee and his team of expert pest technicians can service areas near Sefton as well. Bank holiday, same-day, and emergency pest control is available both in Sefton and in the areas below, so get in touch today to be one step ahead of the pests!

You can also book a local pest controller in Wirral, Knowsley, and Liverpool.

Just got our office treated for mice by Fantastic Pest Control. Attentive and prompt service! Technicians who seemed very professional and well-equipped. This is how a company should care for their customers. The pricing system is reasonable and the flexible work hours are very convenient for offices.

J. Briggs

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