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Fantastic Pest Control In Liverpool For Homes And Businesses

The Fantastic Pest Control Company is now fully operational in Liverpool and we can help you tackle any infestation! Our services are available for both domestic and commercial properties.

And this comes at a time when the available PCOs (pest control officers) are in short. According to this study, their availability has been significantly decreased as a result of the current austerity measures and changes to local authority financial models.

The services of Fantastic Pest Control have an average score of 9.4 / 10 as rated by 36 precious customers.

Local rat and mice control servicesFantastic Pest Control conducts rodent management in Liverpool by capturing or eradicating the vermin present at the property and blocking the entry points they use. For mice extermination and rat control, we resort to effective mouse baits and rat traps.

Usually, it takes more than one visit to ensure that the treatment will be 100% effective and your technician can also assist you with the removal of rodent carcasses. Here you can find out more about the difference between a mouse and a rat.

Local bed bug control servicesThe bed bug treatment in Liverpool is done in two major visits. The first one aims to eradicate the adult population while the second bed bug removal (which is done about a week later) aims to eliminate the newly hatched troublemakers.

The technicians use specialised insecticides for successful bed bug extermination and protection of your property.

Local cockroach control servicesUsually only a single visit is required for cockroach infestation treatment in Liverpool. After he inspects your property, the technician will apply a special roach bait gel that is incredibly effective at attracting and poisoning the troublemakers.

As a final measure, the pest control will apply a cockroach insecticide that has a prolonged residual effect. This will keep the roaches at bay for at least 3 months.

Local wasp nest removalThe Fantastic Pest Control technicians are fully equipped for wasp nest removal if the nest is within reach. For wasp removal, your technician will spray the nest with an insecticide that has an immediate knock-down effect. Thanks to its prolonged and powerful repelling effect no wasp will be left in your property.

What Makes Our Pest Management Services Different?

Our pest control methods differ because they are 100% effective but they are totally humane at the same time. The treatment we will apply at your property depends on the type and level of infestation. Be it rodent control, cockroach control, flea control, or bed bugs control in Liverpool, the technicians will apply the most adequate treatment for the specific case.

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- do not remove dead wasp nests
- not responsible for the removal of urban foxes
- do not deal with bats

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