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Effective carpet beetle treatment - hire an experienced exterminator

Pest technician preparing the necessary equipment for treatment of carpet beetles
Carpet beetles are not the fastest breeders but once they infest your home, the damage they can cause in a short space of time could be quite substantial and most importantly, irreversible. The larvae of the insect feed exclusively on animal-based and organic products, so your natural-fibre soft furnishing and textiles are immediately put at risk. The youngs of carpet beetles will feed on:

  • Silk, leather, fur, cotton
  • Book bindings, canvas paintings
  • Upholstered items, natural carpeting, bedding, clothing
  • Synthetic rugs that have been affected by food/liquid spillages or grease stains.

Hence, if you notice traces of insect activity on your belongings, call a professional to inspect your property and determine the type of pest you've been having trouble with.

How Fantastic Pest Control treats carpet beetles


Fantastic pest control experts will inspect your property upon arrival to determine what parts of it are affected.


The carpet beetle specialist will spray all affected surfaces with a powerful insecticide that has an almost instant knock-down effect and a long-lasting residual effect.


If you choose our full-service option, you will be able to request up to two additional visits by a pest technician within 3 months.


The specialist will write down a detailed report about the treatment. They will also offer you some useful tips on how to avoid future troubles.

Why choose fantastic pest control against carpet beetles

Approved insecticides

They are provided by an official UK supplier;

Top-notch equipment

For quick and smooth process;

24/7 availability

Our representatives can answer all your questions anytime that suits you best;

Complete service

Survey, treatment, monitoring, prevention.

As a member of the Fantastic club, you can get £30 OFF for 10 different services within 1 year.

What to do before and after the carpet beetles removal

What to do before and after the carpet beetles removal

Prior to the specialist’s arrival, it will help if you:

  • Remove light furniture to provide better access to affected areas
  • Vacuum thoroughly all infested items
  • Remove pets temporarily from the property

Once, the treatment has been completed:

  • Do not vacuum/mop the treated areas for a few days, so you don’t hinder the residual action of the insecticidal product
  • Ventilate your property by opening windows and doors
  • Leave the treated area empty for minimum of 2 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are carpet beetles and do they bite?

A: Carpet beetles are small and round insects that also have a pair of wings. They are often mistaken for bed bugs because they are just as attracted to the CO2 that you release while sleeping.

Q: How can I get rid of carpet beetles?

A: Firstly, you will need to determine where the bugs have decided to nest. The best way to eliminate the pests is by thoroughly hoovering the entire area with a vacuum cleaner and wash all the infested fabric thoroughly.

Q: Why is my home infested with carpet beetles?

A: Carpet beetle infestations spread quickly through doors and windows. The bugs will often infest upholstered furniture, blankets, coats, pillows, clothing from various materials and, of course, carpets.

Q: I just discovered a carpet beetle in my home, can you come immediately?

A: Absolutely! We provide emergency services. A certified specialist can arrive within one hour to take care of your issue even in the middle of the night.

Q: When should I book a carpet beetle treatment?

A: You should call one of the Fantastic pest exterminators as soon as you spot any signals of a pest infestation.

Q: What discount can I get if I book your carpet beetles treatment?

A: You can get the treatment at reduced rates if you become a member of our Fantastic Club. Also, we offer many other benefits for 12 months.

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