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Pest Control in Blackburn with Darwen

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What Type of Vermin Do You Need Rid of?

  • Rodent control

    Rats and mice are more than rowdy nuisance. They can be a grave hazard to health and to your home, too. Well, we act fast and efficiently when it comes to getting rid of the squeaky rodents from your property. And this is not all. The local pest franchisee will proof any cracks and holes with sealants and wire, so the rodents don't stand a chance of sneaking in again. 

  • Insect treatment

    We all know that roaches breed fast and can invade your home or business in a matter of weeks. So as most types of creepy crawlies and flying pests. Hence, don't delay to call us and a local, certified pest exterminator will be assigned immediately to the vermin removal task. He will eradicate the insect infestation for good by employing powerful insecticidal products. We specialise in bed bugs control, flea treatment, cockroach control, moth control and more. Most of our insect removal services are best booked with an added guarantee, which involves one or two free extra visits and/or repeats treatments.

  • Squirrel and pigeon control

    Some birds and rodents can be treated as pests when they no longer live in harmony with people, nor keep their distance. Just imagine a colony of pigeons staining your outdoors or damaging your roof - it's intolerable, right? Or a family of squirrels scurrying around in the attic after making a hole in your roof to gain access. Worry not, because Fantastic Pest Control in Blackburn with Darwen know how to repel birds and remove squirrels from your property.

  • Pest management for business

    Our pest control measures for business are also executed in the same 4-step fashion as those for residential properties. We come and inspect your facility, treat the affected areas, monitor for pest activity for as long as it's required and offer prevention advice to all commercial clients for optimum results. So, whether you are in need of fogging service, rodent control, bird control, insect control or wasp removal assistance, fear not that you've called the right place.

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