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Pest Control in Basildon

  • Local experts trained in the safe handling of pesticides and insecticides
  • Guaranteed treatments with multiple visits offered for best results
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Before the pest controllers proceed with any treatment a thorough inspection of the property must be performed. The technicians will look for entry points, signs, damage to your property nests and others.
After the inspection, the pest controller will advise you on the treatment needed. By now he will be familiar with the most infected zones and where extra efforts are needed.
In many cases follow up visits are mandatory in order to monitor the results of the initial treatment. On those visits, pest technicians can collect dead rodents, re-apply baits or re-spray areas where insects are prominent.
After the treatment your pest controller will advise you on any further action you may have to take in order to limit the chance of following infestations. Small change of habits or the ceiling of bigger entry points.

We Offer Professional Home & Business Pest Control in the Area

  • Dealing with Rodents

    The professional will follow a strict procedure to identify all locations that the rodents use to get inside your premises and block them off using wire wool, expanding foam, and other materials. He will also lay traps at key locations and load them with fast-acting, poisonous bait if the pest controller thinks that your infestation is spreading at an alarming rate. Read about our most booked service in the area - our rat control service.

    In addition to that, the specialist can also offer you efficient pest proofing services to protect your property of rodents, and more.

  • Dealing with Wasps

    Going near a buzzing hive unprepared can lead to very painful and potentially fatal consequences. This is why the expert will wear appropriate protective clothing and mask and will take additional safety measures by injecting the anti-wasp product with the help of an extendable pole. He can also help you deal with flies, spiders, bed bugs, roaches, and other insects.

  • Dealing with Birds

    Drawn in by the tall skyscraper-like structures that promise them safety, pigeons and other avians gather in flocks on rooftops and terraces, leaving turmoil in the form of corrosive faeces and feathers. But just because they’re living so up high doesn’t mean they’re untouchable. The specialist will use nets, spikes, and fire gels to keep birds away from your premises.

  • Dealing with Squirrels

    Squirrels may be smart, but will sooner or later succumb to the tasty baits and become trapped inside the pest controller’s cages. Since he is forbidden by law to kill the small beasties, he will instead relocate them to an uninhabited area and release them back into the wild. Read how we do squirrel control in detail.


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Both our regular and emergency visits are also available for all residents within:

Postcode coverage: CM11, CM12, CM13, CM4, SS11, SS12, SS13, SS14, SS15, SS16, SS17, SS6, SS7, SS99

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