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Pest Control in Maldon

  • Inspection and treatment of any type of property
  • Modern equipment and COSHH-regulated biocides
  • Discreet services for your business
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Before any treatment can begin, your property should be inspected first. The Maldon exterminator will come to the property and perform a detailed inspection to find the pests' nests and the entry holes they used to sneak inside. Once he assesses the severity of your problem, the specialist will proceed to carry out an adequate treatment.




Depending on the type of pest he'll be dealing with, the professional will choose the right biocides and equipment if such is necessary. He can treat the property for various types of pests – cockroaches, wasps, spiders, mice, rats, bed bugs and more.

If you book a guaranteed service, you can take advantage of up to two FREE follow up visits after the first treatment. You can arrange these two weeks after the treatment, and the expert will arrive again to check if the treatment was effective or if there's a need for another one.

After everything is done and before the specialist leaves your property, he will talk to you about some of the things you can do to protect your home or your commercial premises from pests in the future. He will also make sure to proof all entry points well and will tell you where these places are located so that you can repair the damages as soon as possible.

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Fantastic Pest Control works with reliable franchisees in Maldon to help both residents and businesses there with their pest issues.

You can book an emergency visit, as well as discreet treatments for your home or office. See a list of other areas we work in:

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- Chelmsford;
- Braintree;
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- Tendring.

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