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Pest Control in Braintree

  • Safe, COSHH-approved biocides used during the treatments
  • Certified specialist in your local area
  • Complete, guaranteed packages at reasonable price rates

Technician ready for pest treatmentThe first part of each service is to get familiar with the premises and the issues at hand. The specialist will come to survey the property and get a conclusive report, then decide on which treatment should be applied.

The exterminator will then proceed to perform the treatment itself. He is fully equipped and knowledgeable in dealing with every kind of pest that roams the UK soil.

He can deal with insect infestations, rodent infestations, and can install special repellents to keep birds at bay.

Pest technician proofing a commercial propertyWe want to be as thorough as possible. That is why when you book a guaranteed treatment, you will receive up to 2 free extra visits that you can schedule if you notice further pest activity. The specialist will then return to re-investigate the issue and perform another round of treatment if needed.

Pest technician writing a report for commercial propertyAt the end of the treatment, the technician will share some tips with you on how to keep your home or office pest-proof for good. For instance, he may point out to some daily habits that you may need to change (leaving pet food outside for the night, for example). He can also offer you a thorough treatment report if requested.

Quick and Efficient Pest Treatments in Braintree and Other Areas

The specialist operating in Braintree also caters to the needs of residents in nearby areas as well. The Fantastic Pest Control franchisee has a flexible schedule and can arrive on the same day or even for emergency treatments (within 1-2 hours) in Braintree and in:

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