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Pest Control in Chelmsford

  • Safe pesticides and insecticides used
  • Insured and equipped local specialist
  • Non-branded treatment upon request
  • Same-day & emergency availability

Name the Pest and Let Fantastic Pest Control in Chelmsford Handle the Rest

As a company specialising in the intricacies of pest control, we offer a variety of services aimed at stopping rodents, insects, squirrels, and avians from entering your premises – or rudely kicking them out if they have already sneaked in and started raiding your food supplies.

The fantastic pest exterminator in Chelmsford uses only products and equipment that have been rated by COSHH as safe to use around humans and pets. He is also fully insured, can arrive for same-day and emergency treatments, and is uninformed for easy recognition. We offer pest control services in the area that are guaranteed and of highest of quality.

Don’t Waste Time Any Further and Choose the Service You Need

  • Rat and Mouse Treatments

    Be it burrowing brown rats, arboreal black rats, or field mice, the specialist will help you regain control over your property by sealing all their entry points with wire wool, expanding foam, and other sealants. In addition to that, he can also deploy sturdy traps throughout the infested areas to exterminate bigger rodent populations. All traps will be placed in safe locations that are inaccessible to your children or pets

  • Bed bugs control & more

    Bed bugs are troublesome creatures that can remain unaffected by most treatments out there. Thus, to ensure great results, your fantastic pest technician will do two treatments over the course of one month. The different insecticides used will ensure that the pests won’t have time to adapt to the treatment and will ultimately perish. You can also count on the pro to remove:

    - Spiders, ants, and silverfish;

    - Wasps, moths, and flies;

    - Dust mites, woodworms;

    - A variety of other insects.

  • Squirrel and bird solutions

    Squirrels and birds are dealt with in accordance to local laws in the UK. The pest controller will use effective methods to remove or deter the pests from your property in a safe way.

    For example, squirrel pests will be trapped and removed from your home, while birds will be discouraged from landing on your building with a variety of strategically placed "scarecrows", including spikes, fire gels and, occasionally, nets.

  • Corporate anti-pest measures

    Our Fantastic Pest Control unit in Chelmsford offers a variety of business-oriented services as well. We know how difficult it is to keep warehouses, food chains, and other commercial properties free from pests, which is why we can also provide you with:

    - General fumigation: fumigants are sprayed on all areas that are at a risk of infestation; not suitable for properties that are already infested;

    - Pest disinfection: performed with top-of-the-line biocides that are guaranteed to kill virtually any pest-transmitted pathogen left behind, this service can be conducted after a pest treatment of your choice.

The Chelmsford Pest Control Teams Are Here to End Your Plight

If you’ve been pestered by pests for far too long (or at all), make sure to get in touch ASAP. The local pest exterminators are adept at removing critters both big and small by using safe methods tailored to battle each type of pest that they encounter.

The specialists can also arrive for a same-day or emergency appointment within a couple of hours to help you handle the infestation. And, in addition to helping Chelmsford residents, they will also have no trouble visiting addresses in the following areas: