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Every hour that goes by is an hour in which the pests in your property grow stronger. Deny them the luxury of eating from your food and sleeping under your rooftop. Call the responsible and RSPH-certified pest technician now to have this nuisance dealt with in a mere day! The specialist can exterminate: mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, moths, wasps, woodworms, and more. He also provides commercial pest control, such as fumigation, bird control, and pest disinfection.

Fantastic Pest Control will S.T.O.P. the pest problems today!

Every pest has its own preferred hiding spots, which is why the specialist will tour your property in order to discover all their hotbeds. This could be the area behind your appliances, beneath your comfy sofa, up in a corner of your ceiling, down in the basement, and so on. The pests will then be identified and their numbers – assessed, so that the pest exterminator would know what to do next.
If you are in need of mice control, the specialist will proceed to identify and seal all rodent-made entrances (up to ½ inches in diameter) using wire wool, expanding foam, and other products. He will also lay traps with poisonous bait around the property to deal with bigger rat or mice infestations. Insect control, bird control, and squirrel control, however, are all performed very differently.
Once the professional leaves the property, you will be advised to monitor your property for several days for any further pest incidents. If such occur and you have booked a guaranteed session, you can schedule up to two extra visitations for free, provided that you request them no later than three months after your initial rat control or other type of treatment.
With the critters evicted and upon your request, the professional will give you personalised tips on how to prevent any other pests from raiding your domestic or commercial property. He will also double-check that all areas have been properly disinfected and sealed before leaving your premises.

Get effective pest solution for your home and business

  • Rodents

    The local mice exterminator arrives at the time for the appointment at your site. He will give a comprehensive inspection of the entire property and locate all possible entry points. Then all holes will be sealed to block rodents from coming into your house. Last, but not least traps will be placed in strategic places in order to catch the specimens that are still inside of the house.

  • Commercial Pest Control

    Of all properties, the business buildings are most prone to financial losses because of pest infestations. And that's not all, employees may also get seriously harmed by pathogens if serious anti-pest measures are not taken on time. Call Fantastic Pest Control for reliable commercial pest control service, if your building is infested by rodents, insects or birds.

  • Bed Bugs

    For the bed bug treatment in Barrow-In-Furness, the local pro will use a couple of products in the span of a few weeks. On his first visit, the pro will inspect the rooms and will treat with a powerful product that will kill off the majority of the crawlies. On his second visit, the exterminator will apply a residual insecticide which will protect your home for the following months.

  • Heat Treatment

    The heat treatment is a relatively new approach to insect infestations and is widely used for extreme bed bug problems. If everything else has failed, the heat procedure will save the day. How does it work? The pest expert will raise the room temperature with commercial grade heaters and will maintain it just high enough that all insects and their eggs die off. With this procedure, we can tackle fleas, moths, flies, bed bugs, carpet beetles and more.

Fast & Reliable - Fantastic Pest Control in Barrow-in-Furness

If your property in Barrow-in-Furness has been infested with vermin, get Fantastic Pest Control’s expedient rodent or insect control assistance right away! We will not hang around but arrive promptly at your address and resolve the issue with the diligence and urgency it requires. Our service coverage also includes:

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