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Pest Control in Bolsover

  • Advanced and safety-tested anti-pest methods
  • Certified, vetted and insured local exterminators
  • Out-of-hours availability and emergency response
  • Unbranded vans for a discreet pest control treatment

The Bolsover pest controller will S.T.O.P. your pest problems today!

First, the exterminator will carefully check for damages, stains, marks, etc., which have been caused by the pest. Only by doing so, the specialist will be able to determine the exact type of vermin infesting your property and the extent of the issue.
Once the exterminator is familiar with your case he can advise you on the most suitable solution. If you agree the professional can proceed to the actual treatment of the property. Only high-quality chemicals and baits will be used to eradicate the pests.
After the service has been performed keep an eye out for at least 3 months to make sure there is no more pest activity. You can always benefit from the guaranteed service, which includes two additional visits from the local pest expert.
After the inspection and treatment, the local specialist will provide you with an analysis of the service. He will also give you valuable tips on how to keep your premises pest-free by suggesting different preventive measures that you can take on your own.

Additional info on some pest control services

  • Flea Control

    Flea bites can cause several health issues to your pet. It's crucial that you treat them as soon as you spot the first fleas because they reproduce rapidly. If you suspect that you have a flea infestation, you should seek professional help right away. Luckily, our franchisees in Bolsover treat fleas. They use sprays that efficiently kill them in all life stages.

  • Silverfish

    Silverfish are not poisonous and do not attack people or pets, but can cause damage to your belongings. Usually, they inhabit dark and moist places, such as basements, which means that an infestation can go unnoticed for a long time. Book a professional silverfish control service, and an expert exterminator will visit your home and spray the infested areas with a professional-grade insecticide.

  • Insects

    We are a company that wants the best for its customers. We are offering you a number of other services that will complete your experience. For example, you can book a property fogging service to ensure that the premises are safe and secure against pesky insects. The treatment deals with a wide variety of insects such as moths, flies, carpet beetles and more.

  • Wasp Control

    The buzzing stingers will usually be taken care of in a single wasp removal session. To remove the nest from your property, the pest controller will use an extendable wasp wand to inject a potent insecticide into the nest. This will paralyse the insects and kill them shortly after. If the nest is within reach, your exterminator will detach and dispose of it safely.

Fast Pest Removal in Bolsover and the Surrounding Areas

We promise a waiting time of less than two hours in Bolsover for urgent vermin situations. Subject to availability, we can also offer emergency pest management assistance in the locations below:

Postcode coverage: DE1, DE5, DE55, NG16, NG19, NG20, S21, S31, S42, S43, S44, S45, S80
Royal society for public health
Prompt Verified
Ofqual Regulated
Qualifications wales organization
Council for the curriculum examinations and assessment

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