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Pest Control in Bolsover
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Why Request a Service with a Fantastic Pro in Bolsover

We are a well-known brand in the pest control sector in the UK, with hundreds of vermin removal jobs completed successfully and always up to all industry standards. Therefore, you can confidently assign the pest management task to us, regardless of the level of the infestation. Our company specialises in rats and mice control, bird deterrent solutions, squirrel treatment and insect extermination. In addition, we offer dead animal removal and disinfection services to complement your pest treatment.
The local technicians, we rely on in Bolsover, are fully insured, experienced and qualified to apply the newest methods and products against common native and introduced vermin. They always follow our 4-step pest control procedure and will execute the service up to your utmost satisfaction.

Technician inspects for rats

The pest specialist will arrive promptly at your address in Bolsover, bringing all the equipment and products that he will need to complete the job. Prior to the treatment application, he will inspect your premises to confirm the exact type of pest, he is about to deal with, as well as evaluate the magnitude of the infestation.

Technician places bait for rats

We use specialised pest extermination and pest deterrent products, which render far more effective results than similar store-bought products. Depending on the type of infestation your property has been suffering from, the exterminator may apply powerful but safety-tested fumigants, rodenticides, gel baits and traps, sealants, nettings and spikes, as well as insecticidal sprays and powders. You will be also advised, whether you need to vacate the property or not prior to treatment.

Pest technician prepares for cockroach inspection

Some far-spread pest infestations require close observation and a repeat treatment (ex: bed bugs). This is where your vigilance plays a key role. We strongly advise that you call us again after the initial treatment if you notice signs of residual pest activity. On that note, you can always take advantage of our guaranteed services that come with up to two inspections and re-treatments within a 3-months period, if necessary and at no extra cost.

Pest technician writes report about the service

Each of our vermin removal services includes the provision of a report. The paper contains details about the treatment, its warranty conditions, as well as health and safety information. In addition, before the pest technician leaves, he will take the time to guide you through all the important pest prevention measures you should consider, in order to maintain your home or commercial property free of vermin in the future.

Thanks, mates, for the punctual service. My schedule is really tight and I barely managed to find the time for the service but it needed to be done. I specifically asked that they are punctual and quick because I don't have the time to stay with them and they delivered. Many thanks to everyone - the technicians, the customer care operator. They were simply fantastic!

Jordan Baker, Bolsover

Fast Pest Removal in Bolsover and the Surrounding Areas

We promise a waiting time of less than two hours in Bolsover for urgent vermin situations. Subject to availability, we can also offer emergency pest management assistance in the locations below:

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