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Pest Control in Mansfield
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Call us for any type of pest emergencies, such as mice infestations, bed bugs issues, pigeon intrusions, cockroach control problems and for any other troubles with common pest species in the UK. We can send a local exterminator to deal with most vermin that have taken over your property and have disrupted your personal comfort.

The Pests We Usually Exterminate in Mansfield

  • Mice

    Rats and mice are among the vermin that we deal with on a daily basis. They can be found in both private and commercial buildings. To eradicate a rodent infestation, we may use snap traps and baits or other pesticidal products that are powerful but safe to humans and pets.

  • Crawling and Flying Insects

    Flying and crawling insects become extremely active during the warmer months of the year. Their population increases too fast to be handled without professional help. Most often, our expert assistance is required against cockroaches, flies, wasps, bed bugs, ants and more.

  • Birds

    Nothing is as irritating as having to deal with pigeons on your roof. They are able to completely destroy your roof with faeces that may also transmit various diseases. We will not allow this thanks to effective bird deterrent methods, such as the use of spikes, nets, fire-imitating gels and more.

  • Commercial Pest Treatments

    Our services are certainly not limited to private domestic properties only. We would be glad to protect your business by exterminating the pest inside. Each technician is aware of the potential dangers for your business and will make no compromises when it comes to applying effective but safe extermination methods.

We Can Go Beyond Mansfield When Necessary

Pests are everywhere and so are we. Fantastic Pest Control offers emergency pest control assistance to clients in Mansfield and the nearby areas below:
-Newark and Sherwood

Lorraine Honor

So far my encounters with your company have been easy and pleasant. Only helpful and professional people. I will soon have my follow up visit, I hope it goes well again. The Mansfield crew is great! 5 stars for their hard work!

Lorraine Honor

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