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Pest Control in Cambridge

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Your local Cambridge pest technician willS.T.O.P. the pests today!

The Cambridge pest controller performs a thorough survey of the affected areas. The inspection helps to determine the severity of the infestation in order to decide on an effective pest treatment.
The pest expert will use powerful and safe insecticides. If required, the treatment will be performed in two sessions over the course of one month. The technician will proof possible entry points using sealants.
After the service has been performed keep an eye out for at least 3 months to make sure there is no more pest activity. You can always benefit from the guaranteed service, which includes two additional visits from the local pest technician.
If you want to protect your property in the future, consider talking to your local pest control technician. Using their professional experience, they will be able to answer all of your questions and provide some useful tips.
Local Pro

Meet your local pest control pro in Cambridge

Wayne Morrow is the pest control specialist who is responsible for the Cambridge area. He manages the team of local pest technicians and is quite dedicated to solving any case of property infestation. So in case you have booked a service, Wayne might very well be the one to show up on your doorstep when the time for your treatment comes. He uses the latest high-end professional equipment and effective anti-pest products to bring outstanding results in short amounts of time. Also, you can fully rely on his professional opinion around Central Bedfordshire and Peterborough.

Take a closer look at some of our services in Cambridge

  • Rodent Control

    The most essential part of putting an end to any rodent-related problems is figuring out how the vermin are entering the property. That is why your local pest controller will carefully inspect the infested property in order to pinpoint all entry points and seal them carefully. Keep in mind that larger holes need to be fixed by an actual handyman. Other than this, the technician will place various traps and baits to capture the rodents that are trapped indoors.



  • Crawling Insects

    Basically, the technician will identify the specific pest you are dealing with and decide what product to use against it. On the other hand, you can opt for our chemical-free heat treatment. Basically, the affected room is sealed and the temperature inside is increased with special equipment. This eradicates 100% of the bugs as well as their eggs.

  • Flying Insects

    There are various species that can affect your property. Wasps for example. They can build entire nests if they find suitable cavities in the walls of the house. If stumble upon a nest, then don't approach it on your own. The wasps will turn on you as soon as they sense the danger. Leave the job to your fully equipped and skilled local technician.

  • Commercial Services

    Keep in mind that our highly-effective pest control procedures are fully applicable for your place of business as well. We can send a technician during the off hours to conduct a treatment. And if you wish, he can keep things on a discreet note. After the service, we can issue a report about the anti-pest measures that were taken in case you need to present it to the authorities.

Fantastic Pest Control treatment compared to the council's service

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We treat all of them until complete extermination is achieved.

Does not treat many pests such as: ants, bees, beetles, foxes, fleas, rabbits, squirrels or wasps.

We can arrange professional pest disinfection service to be done after the treatment.

No information about disinfection services.

We offer a wide range of payment methods.

Provides no information about payment methods..

Coverage outside Cambridge

Fantastic Pest Control is expanding every day. We strive to bring our helpful services to more and more places in the UK. So in case your property is not technically in Cambridge but is still somewhere nearby, you should give us a call anyway.

Postcode coverage: CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4, CB5, CB21, CB22, CB23, CB24 and CB25

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