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Pest Control in Solihull

  • Fast, discreet and safe pesticidal solutions
  • Customer-orientated, flexible approach
  • Fully insured and COSHH-compliant services
  • One-off and multi-visit treatment options

What pest control service do you need?

  • Anti-rodent treatment

    The pest control technicians in Solihull use high-end pesticidal products from reputable suppliers. All products work with a proven effect and are tested for safety with regards to humans and pets. To deny the access of the pesky rodents to your home, the pest expert will seal all possible points of entry.

  • Bed bugs control

    Fantastic Pest Control recommends booking a guaranteed insecticidal treatment, which ensures the complete eradication of the bed bugs infestation in at least two visits. As part of the service, the local pest expert will share prevention advice with you to help you avoid the same pest problem in the future.

  • Squirrels and bird removal

    Both squirrels and birds can easily become a pest once they fancy taking refuge in your property. Hence, we specialise in helping homeowners and business proprietors deter the wildlife creatures from settling in the premises and causing various types of damages. The experienced pest expert uses only humane methods, so the intruders are not harmed in any way.

  • Commercial Treatment

    Your business property is not an exception and it can also get infested with pests. Fantastic Pest Control is giving you the opportunity to book a reliable treatment for your commercial premises. An experienced local pest technician will inspect, treat and observe your business and make sure it is pest-free.

Schedule an Emergency Pest Control Help in Solihull Today?

If you are facing a pest problem in Solihull and wonder how to handle it, stop right now! Fantastic Pest Control can now provide you with a certified and experienced pest technician who can handle the infestation with zero tolerance. He can arrive at your site for less than two hours (on the same day) and will and will leave only when it is certain that your property is completely pest-free. All the locations below are also serviced by Fantastic Pest Control: Birmingham and Coventry.

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