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Pest Control Technicians Redditch

Inspections are performed by pest exterminators to determine the type of pest and severity of the infestation. The property is thoroughly inspected during every Redditch pest control treatment.
Different pests require different treatments. We will make sure that any pest is completely eradicated by our exterminators. Get professional pest control service for your property to make sure that it is pest-free.
We provide follow-up monitoring as part of our Redditch pest control services. You can request up to three follow-up visits during the first three months following your pest control treatment.
Every pest control treatment we provide comes with a detailed report. In addition to a comprehensive pest management plan, we also provide advice on how to prevent future infestations.

Commercial and domestic pest control

  • Flea control Redditch

    The flea exterminator will apply a spray with a residual effect in every area where a flea was spotted. You will also be asked to take your pets (if any) to the vet. This preventive measure will deny the fleas a chance to repopulate. Flea treatment is usually performed in a single visit.

  • Wasp nest removal

    Wasp nests can be really dangerous if left unchecked. Unlike bees, wasps are quite aggressive and can cause allergic reactions with just a single sting. For our wasp control, we use a powerful insecticide powder that stuns the insects. Redditch wasp exterminator will remova the nest safely.

  • Mouse and rat control

    Rats and mice are common pests in homes and businesses. As they are quite smart, it is difficult for most people to get rid of them without professional rodent exterminators' assistance. If you need mice or rat control in Redditch, we are available 24/7.

  • Moth treatment Redditch

    The moth exterminator will visit and inspect the property for any signs and all hiding places such as wardrobes, cabinets or pantries for moths. This step helps to decide which treatment is the best. There are three types of moth treatments: spraying with insecticides, fogging or heat treatment.

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