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Pest Control in Worcester

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The property you own or rent needs to be inspected before any treatment can be performed. In addition to checking for signs of pest activity, the pest controller will determine the extent of infestation and the exact type of pest.
We will use safe and effective anti-pest treatments. An effective vermin control program may include sealing entry points (rats, mice, squirrels), using insecticides, using bird repellents, fogging, etc.
Your professional will give you instructions on how to ensure that no more vermin breed in your home or commercial establishment. When you purchase a guaranteed service from us, you can receive up to two visits, free of charge, within 3 months.
Protect your property against pest recurrence by following the proofing tips and suggestions provided by your service provider. The service provider will also give you some post-service safety advice.

Discreet Extermination by Your Local Pest Controller in Worcester

Fantastic Pest Control will rid your local property of mice, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs and more. No matter if you have a residential or commercial property, our individually-tailored solutions can get rid of the pest at once. The pest technician can also arrive in such way to provide you with a discreet service.

Types of pests we deal with in and around Worchester

  • Mice and Rats

    Once your local exterminator arrives, he will carefully examine the property and seal off all entries used by the rodents. Once the nest is isolated, the expert will proceed with placing poisonous baits to destroy the entire rodent population. For best results, we recommend scheduling a full procedure which consists of several visits.

  • Cockroaches

    This pest is known to be resistant to over-the-counter pest products. This is why your pest technician will use several types of gel baits in order to exterminate the infestation. If the problem is too severe, he can also use a powerful insecticide to ensure a complete eradication of all cockroaches.

  • Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are even more resistant than cockroaches, so infestations require even more powerful products. It is highly recommended for you to schedule a full treatment in order to ensure that bed bugs of all life stages are exterminated. Your local pest controller will be able to advise you on what to do to ensure total eradication.

  • Wasps and More

    The pest exterminators near your area can also provide you with fast wasp nest treatment and other pest control services, such as flea treatments, ant removal, squirrel control, silverfish treatments and more. Additionally, we offer services like professional fogging for your convenience.

We also provide pest control in regions near Worcester

It doesn't really matter if the property you need pest control for is located in Worcester. We also provide emergency services and can arrive for treatment on weekends and bank holidays in other areas in the vicinity, such as:

Postcode coverage: WR1 WR2 WR3 WR4 WR5 WR6 WR7 WR78 WR8 WR99

Other locations we cover nearby Worcester

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