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Pest Control in Tewkesbury

  • Using safe and effective pest control techniques
  • Counting on local certified pest exterminators
  • Providing tailored and discreet anti-vermin solutions
  • Offering free pest proofing and prevention advice

Fantastic Pest Control will S.T.O.P. the pest problems today!

The local pest technician will arrive promptly and perform diligently an inspection. He will check the affected areas in order to evaluate how far the infestation has spread. This way, he’ll be able to select an anti-pest product that will render the most effective results. The specialist may also advise you on booking a post-treatment disinfection service with us.
We offer only safe but effective anti-pest methods against rodent control, cockroach control, bed bugs control, and various other insect control issues. Our local franchise partners also specialise in wildlife removal (ex: squirrels) and bird deterrent solutions.
For an extra security, we offer complete and fully guaranteed service options, which come with free visitations, upon request, as well as free treatments, if necessary, over a period of one or three months. Just enquire with a member of our customer care team, if you need further information on our monitoring solutions.
Without comprehensive pest prevention actions after the treatment, your property may get reinfested soon after. Hence, take advantage of the technician’s proofing advice and protection tips to ensure that your home or business establishment remains vermin-free for long.

More info on the most booked services

  • Rodents

    The local mice exterminator arrives at the time for the appointment at your site. He will give a comprehensive inspection of the entire property and locate all possible entry points. Then all holes will be sealed to block rodents from coming into your house. Last, but not least traps will be placed in strategic places in order to catch the specimens that are still inside of the house.

  • Flea Control

    The specialist will apply a spray with a residual effect in every area where a flea was spotted. You will also be asked to take your pets (if any) to the vet. This preventive measure will deny the insects a chance to repopulate. Flea treatment is usually performed in a single visitation.

  • Silverfish

    Silverfish are among the most common insects that infest Tewkesbury properties. We send a local pro equipped with modern tools by an approved UK provider. The whole process is done in four simple steps: inspection, treatment, observation and prevention. For the silverfish treatment, the experts can use a regular insecticide or for more serious infestations can apply a heat treatment.

  • Heat Treatment

    When all else fails in the fight against insects, Fantastic Pest Control in Tewkesbury has one last weapon - heat treatment. This is a new way of ridding properties of already advanced insect infestations. The heat treatment is done by raising and maintaining a room's temperature to degrees that are unbearable for the insects but safe for your belongings.

Why Panic When Same-day Help in Tewkesbury Is at Hand

To benefit from our emergency pest control treatments in Tewkesbury, simply give our customer care team a ring and we’ll assign a local pro to the task within hours of your call! The same applies if you reside in any of the locations, listed below:

Postcode coverage: GL19, GL2, GL20, GL3, GL4, GL51, GL52, GL53, GL54, GL56, WR11, WR12, WR8

Other locations we cover nearby Tewkesbury

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