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Pest Control in Cheltenham

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Before taking any measures against the pest we need to know their origin and numbers. Having an idea of the scope of the infestation will help us plan our approach. This is why an initial survey is important.
Once the pest technician is familiar with your case he can advise you on the most suitable solution. If you agree the professional can proceed to the actual treatment of the property. Only high-quality chemicals and baits will be used to eradicate the pests.
When you purchase the guaranteed services, you get two extra visits free of charge within 3 months of the initial treatment. If applicable, your property will be re-treated for any unresolved pest issues.
The pro will give you instructions on what to avoid, in order to maintain the estate pest-free. He will also provide you with a detailed service report, which you should keep safe for future reference.

Additional info on some pest control services

  • Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are a common pest that is prevalent due to a number of reasons, including traveling, usage of second-hand furniture, and suspected tolerance to some pesticides. The best way to deal with them is to immediate action by calling a professional exterminator. At Fantastic Pest Control, we deal with bedbugs by combining our expertise with the best practices to help you enjoy a pest-free property.

  • Rodents

    Rodent treatments are usually performed in one visit and include two stages. The specialist will first identify and seal any pest-made entrances into your property using sealants, expanding foam, and wire wool. If the infestation is more severe, he can also bring several sturdy cages along with bait containing rat poison. The cages will be placed in areas inaccessible to pets and children.

  • Silverfish Treatment

    Silverfish are not poisonous and do not attack people or pets, but can cause damage to your belongings. Usually, they inhabit dark and moist places, such as basements, which means that an infestation can go unnoticed for a long time. Book a professional silverfish control service, and an expert exterminator will visit your home and spray the infested areas with a professional-grade insecticide.

  • Spider Control

    The procedure of treating spiders starts with a survey when the exterminator will visit and check the property. Then he will decide what type of treatment will be the most effective and will execute the service. The expert comes with top-notch equipment and powerful insecticides that guarantee up to 100% eradication.

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