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During every Lichfield pest control treatment, the property is thoroughly inspected. Pest exterminators carry out inspections to confirm the type of pest and how severe the infestation is.
There are different methods of treatment for different types of pests. Make sure your property is pest-free by hiring local pest control experts. Any pest will be completely eradicated by our exterminators.
Our Lichfield pest control services include follow-up monitoring. Within the first three months of your pest control treatment, you can request up to three follow-up visits as part of our guarantee.
Our pest control services include a comprehensive pest management plan as well as advice on how to prevent future infestations. We provide a detailed report for every pest control treatment we perform.

From rodent infestations to wasp control in Lichfield

  • Wasps nest removal

    Wasps are annoying but their stings may actually be dangerous to you and your family. The wasp exterminator will locate and remove the nest. Exterminators do not treat honey bees, so this will be the first thing they check.

  • Cockroach control Lichfield

    No property is immune to cockroach infestation and once they settle, their numbers will start to grow rapidly. In the fight against roaches, the pest exterminator will use a special bait gel which attracts cockroaches and kills them.

  • Rat & mouse control Lichfield

    Rats, mice, and squirrels are more than a mere nuisance. We use a variety of methods ranging from humane to poisonous in order to remove them effectively. Additionally, the local exterminator will make sure to seal the entry points which were used by the rodents to enter the premises.

  • Bed bugs treatment

    Infestations of bed bugs are among the most difficult to get rid of. Our Lichfield bed bug exterminators have years of experience and can remove bed bugs effectively by combining different insecticides that kill even bed bugs eggs.

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