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Pest control Rugby

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Rugby Pest Control Services

A thorough inspection of the property is conducted before any Rugby pest control treatment begins. A pest control professional can determine an infestation's type and extent during an inspection.
For the control of rats and mice, traps and baits can be used, while insect control products, such as sprays, can be used to eliminate insect infestations, such as fleas and spiders.
Besides two additional treatments, our three-month guaranteed service includes a free property inspection. The pest control services that we offer in Rugby will ensure that all pests on the property will be completely eradicated.
A pest treatment report will also be provided to you, which contains important information regarding the service. Our exterminators will offer tips on how to protect your property from future pest infestations.

Professional pest treatments in Rugby

  • Flea control Rugby

    In every area where fleas have been found, the flea exterminator will apply a spray with a residual effect. Taking your pets (if any) to the vet and defleaing will also be required. In most cases, fleas can be treated in a single visit.

  • Spider control

    Every once in a while you might notice an eight-legged, casually strolling around at your place. But if the number of spiders suddenly increases, then you might want to consider a spider control treatment.

  • Silverfish control

    Silverfish are not poisonous and do not attack people or pets, but can cause damage to your belongings. Book a professional silverfish control service in Rugby, and an expert exterminator will visit your home and spray the infested areas with a professional-grade insecticide.

  • Cockroach control

    Insects such as cockroaches are a common problem for local residents. They thrive when in close proximity to humans, feast on our food and transfer diseases. Your local cockroach exterminator in Rugby has a few ways to get rid of this pest once and for all and will also give you some handy tips to prevent further problems.

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