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Pest Control in Hinckley and Bosworth
  • Discreet services with a non-branded van
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  • Certified and experienced pest technicians
  • Flexible schedule for treatments

Stop the Vermin On Time by Calling a Pest Specialist

We have you covered anywhere in Hinckley and Bosworth. Call us 24/7 and share any details about your pest infestation. We will design the perfect solution to your pest problem and will send an expert who will execute the pest treatment.

Local Pest Control in Hinckley and Bosworth For Any Household and Business

  • Mice and Rats

    Rats and mice are very determined to make their way into a place that provides shelter and food. Your home or business premises would serve as such a place and the rodents will stay inside until they get exterminated with traps and baits.

  • Crawling and Flying Pests

    Dust mites, carpet beetles, bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps flies and other bugs are very irritating and may cause a lot of trouble. Don't hesitate to call a professional who will eradicate them quickly using a variety of pet- and child-friendly insecticides supplied by Killgerm.

  • Pest Sanitation

    Whenever a treatment is completed, this doesn't mean that the risk of re-contamination is necessarily eliminated. If a proper pest sanitation is completed, you will be in a much safer environment afterwards. Ask our sales department to dispatch cleaners for an additional pest sanitation when the treatment is over to prevent a re-infestation.

  • Business Pest Control

    Don't take the risk of getting fined or exposing your employees to diseases because of a pest infestation. In addition to this, your business reputation will be very susceptible to negative responses if found that your commercial building is not totally pest-free.

Call Us from Any Address in Hinckley and Bosworth

The professional exterminators will come to your address even on bank holidays and weekends. They will bring everything required for the pest treatment, even if your property is located in the vicinity of Hinckley and Bosworth. We also cover:

- Blaby;
- North West Leicestershire.

First-class Service

I had to book an inspection first because I wasn't sure if there was an actual problem in the house. The guys came and really inspected the entire house, every crevice. They confirmed the infestation and offered to treat right away. I agreed and they were finished with the job in about two hours. First-class service from these guys! I strongly recommend.

Harry Mitchell

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