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Pest Control in Daventry

  • Discreet treatment, done with your reputation in mind
  • Fast response time and emergency assistance
  • Guaranteed services with the added benefit of free monitoring
  • High-end equipment, pest repellent devices and effective products

Your local Daventry pest technician will put a S.T.O.P. to the pests today!

In order for any treatment to take place, the first thing the exterminator will do is to carefully inspect the property. This inspection will help to determine the state of the infestation and probably how it started.
The local pest control technician will go ahead with treating your property at once. The pest technician will apply the necessary treatment depending on if it's mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches or any other infestation you're facing.
A key element of a successful pest control treatment is the monitoring of the progress. With the guaranteed service you can benefit from two follow-up visits. During those visits, the pest control technician will assess the methods used and adjust if needed.
Our local professional will give you tips on how to proof your property against future pest invasion. You will also receive a pest treatment report, which specifies important service details.

Additional information about some of our pest control services

  • Squirrel

    Aside from being cute and fluffy, squirrels can cause a number of problems to you if they have access to your home. If your home is located near a park or a tree, then you may know just how big of a nuisance they can be. Fantastic squirrel expert in Daventry has experience in dealing with squirrels and can easily install baits to trap the troublemakers and rid your property of them.

  • Commercial Pest Control

    There is no need to put yourself on the council's waiting list. Simply contact us and we will come up with an effective protection and prevention plan for your place of business. And the time for the treatment comes, you can arrange for the pest controller to arrive discreetly.
    Learn more about the service: Commercial pest control

  • Carpet Beetle

    Their diet consists of silk, fur, cotton, leather, and other natural materials. What this means is that they may feed on your expensive curtains, rugs, upholstered pieces of furniture, even clothing and bedding. To save yourself these problems and your money, call your local Fantastic Pest Control experts and book a carpet beetle treatment.

  • Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs come out during the night to suck on the blood of unsuspecting victims. Our experience shows that a couple of visits are necessary for the eradication of the colony. The first treatment will eliminate most of the adults and their eggs but some will become resistant to the product used against them. That is why a second treatment with a different product is necessary.

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